Funko Pops, Science and… Michio Kaku!?

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This Friday we’re talking about Funko Pops, science, and Michio Kaku! If you haven’t read any of his books, you’re missing a lot of fun and crazy science. Since I’ll see Guardians of the Galaxy tomorrow, it’s just fair to take a look at the Universe first. True, we don’t own a cool space ship like Star Lord does, but we can imagine all about parallel worlds. In that case, I wonder, is out there a Universe with no dePepi in it!? I bet!

How do you imagine parallel worlds? Well, I do it pretty much in this fashion:

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To be fair, Guardians of the Galaxy also invites us to take a look at the things that make no sense whatsoever. The Dude knows that thinking too much can bring tons of headaches. However, this book is absorbing and worth reading. Despite what the Dude might think!

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Geeks are set to rule the world. But, maybe not in the fashion portrayed on the Big Bang Theory. That would be madness. But, if we’re to think about the absurd becoming true, I’d rather think about talking plants and raccoons.

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Science can also make us look into our DNA to discover yet another Universe. Cosima knows, since she is ill and madly in love with a French colleague. I wonder when Orphan Black will be back for new episodes.

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We can also argue that we’re living in a Fantasy world, very much like ACOWAR. In that sense, science is nothing more than a type of magic, and its rules make no sense depending on how we look at them. Let’s think about Snow and the whole ONCE characters. The relationship here with magic and science is as problematic as in the Marvel Universe!

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And so, we’re left with no other option that to go to the cinema to enjoy Guardians of the Galaxy! I don’t know if you love Rock Candy figurines, but Gamora rocks! I wonder when Funko will add male characters to the line.

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