Funko Pops and more celebrations

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Are we talking about Funko Pops and more celebrations today? I know, my birthday was last week, so what am I celebrating now? As it happens, April is a hot potato within my family. We have tons of birthdays and anniversaries throughout the month. This means that we spend a month exchanging presents, cakes, and eating pizza. (Pizza is a must in an Italian household!)

Plus, we have Guardians of the Galaxy here! Since I promised to a friend that we would go together, I need to wait for a week before hitting the cinema. This means that I’m going to go mad during this week. So, be prepared for some Guardians spam on my Instagram account.

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So, what did I get for my birthday? Books, comic books, Pops, Rock Candy figurines, and tons of Captain Hook swag. People know me well! I won’t share everything with you, but Barb agrees that Lady Midnight [The Book Depository] is a cool book to make it in this post. Cassandra Clare must be happy since her Shadowhunters novels are so hot at the moment. (But, not so much the Netflix drama.)

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I also got Maleficent’s sidekick and Insurgent [The Book Depository]. It’s about time I finish the series. Although I’m not so sure about the books, to be honest. I’ll give them a try again anyway.

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And here comes some of the spam you’ve been enjoying during this week on Instagram: Guardians of the Galaxy! Star Lord enjoys retro games. I’m pretty sure about it! So, I had to match him with the Commodore 64!

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And I think Gamora also loves retro stuff. So, I matched her with one controller. I know, this is getting somewhat weird.

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Groot is so cute that he probably loves the view-master. I don’t know if you remember this device, but it let you see pictures in 3D. It’s quite fun! So, let’s explore Japan, shall we?

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I also got the FairyLoot box this week. I loved it! It came with a rad book: Given to the Sea [The Book Depository]. It looks very interesting!

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And, since we’re talking about the sea, what about some Captain Hook? I matched him with another version of his persona, Hook [The Book Depository]. I’m not sure how good this book might be, but since I almost like all things Hook, then I’m sure I’m going to enjoy this one.

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