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Netflix has made it again with Girlboss. Based on the book with the same title [The Book Depository], this comedy takes us through Sophia’s journey towards success. She doesn’t want to work for anyone but herself. So, she will create a business on eBay selling vintage clothes that she found, but with some improvements.

Sophia is pure chaos. She is messy, selfish and incredibly energetic. She knows about fashion, but she has little knowledge about other things. I wonder if the real Sophtia is like the character we can enjoy on Netflix.

[SPOILER ALERT: from here you’ll find massive spoilers. The show is good and funny, so if you want to be surprised, refrain yourself from reading whatever comes next.]

girlboss, netflix, review, netflix and chill, depepi,

Sophia is an explosion of emotion. You could take it as a positive trait, but it’s quite annoying. She is messy, undisciplined, and likes to yell at everyone. She’s angry at life. And she’s quite selfish. However, she hits gold by chance. She buys a jacket for $8USD and sells it on eBay for hundreds!

Then, she starts looking for more vintage items for selling on eBay. She takes cool pictures modeling herself at the beginning. And it’s a boom on eBay! So much so, that she starts making a living just selling stuff on eBay.

However, she also encounters haters on the way. She takes vintage clothes and tunes them before selling them online for hundreds. A group of Puritans wants the clothes untouched. First, they bully her. Then, one of them goes to her home to talk to her. And finally, they close her eBay shop.

girlboss, netflix, review, netflix and chill, depepi,

And the whole world comes crashing down. Until she figures out that she can make a homepage and launch the shop without the need of eBay. And, after a lot of work, boum! She sells out the first day of starting the shop.

But, despite having a blast in business, her personal life is quite messy. She met her boyfriend in a pub. He was the guy playing the drums. He had tons of patience with her. Seriously, if I were the guy, I would have killed her time ago. However, it isn’t until almost the end of the show that we discover that he cheats on her. And then again, Sophia’s world crashes down.

But, to be honest, with her explosive personality, I would have done the same sooner than later. She’s too challenging. She almost lost her best friend due to her tantrums and because of being too selfish.

girlboss, netflix, review, netflix and chill, depepi,

This is a great show to discover what you can do if you dare to put your idea in the works. But it also shows how bad attitude can break and destroy your life and your dreams. Not everything in life is work. If we get obsessed with work, and we stop being kind to family and friends, be assured that when success comes, it’s not going to be fun at all.

I laughed a lot. But I also noticed something: I cannot be friends of someone like Sofia. I have an unyielding personality myself, and I hate people yelling at me having tantrums. If someone treats me like that, I cannot be friends, nor work with them. Luckily, Sofia’s tantrums get less challenging as she discovers more things in life. Simply put: she grows up.

Now, adulting doesn’t mean that we have to ditch our dreams, nor put limits on the fun. Adulting is stopping being selfish for once.

Don’t miss this Netflix jewel. It’ll make you laugh and think.

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