The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Squirrel Power

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This THORsday we’re going to take a look at The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Squirrel Power [The Book Depository]. She is one of the strongest characters within the Marvel Comic Book Universe. She’s smart, sassy, and very funny. One of the strong points isn’t her strength but her abilities. One of them is computer science. It’s great to find a Superhero that doesn’t conform to stereotypes. Not only her body shape is different to many female Superheroes, her attitude and brains too. So, it’s great to find a female Superhero that represents girls in an unbeatable way.

In this trade we’ll find the origin story of Squirrel Girl. We’ll also meet her friends and her mother. We also get to know her tastes and personality. Furthermore, we can also meet other Superheroes too, even if it’s just through cameos.

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Someone messes the timeline up, and suddenly, Squirrel Girl finds herself in the sixties! But she’s not alone. Others have found themselves back in time for no apparent reason. Squirrel’s Girl’s bestie tries to rescue her by recruiting Doctor Doom! It’s a crazy idea that will mess things up in an hilarious way. But it’s also an opportunity to explore diplomacy. When people stop listening, things can go very wrong.

So, they travel back in time just to find out Doctor Doom trying to kill Squirrel Girl. But, that’s a very difficult thing to achieve. She finally beats him not with strength, but with brains. She and her friend are coputer savvy, and they both beat Doom with code! And that sends a great message to all readers!

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Another cool thing about this comic book is the use of pop culture. We happen to go to Wikipedia to understand about time travel, and also we happen to use it several times for other stuff. What’s more, you’ll find writting at the end of the pages with some messages. Squirrel Girl is talking to you all the time!

Not only pop culture is uses within the comic in a smart way, it’s also embedded in how we’re presented programming languages: if we’re Squirrel Girl buddies, we should now what C++ is! If we don’t know, we know where to look for the information: Wikipedia.

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Now, who messed things up? Well, a student who sucked at computer science! He took a shortcut instead of using his brains to be better in his classes. This also speaks volumes about us! If we take shortcuts in life, we might end with undesired consequences. And so, he ends up messing things up. Fortunately, Squirrel Girl saves the day.

Reading all this mess, we also get in touch with the bogus relationship of magic and science that exist within the Marvel Universe. Doctor Doom uses science and magic to do as he pleases. Squirrel Girl uses science too, but the way some science in the comics work looks more magic than anything else. However, magic is presented to us as unknown science. Therefore, there’s a scientific explanation out there for us. Anything can be discovered and learnt!

squirrel girl, marvel, marvel comics, thorsday, comics thorsday, comics, depepi,

What I love about Squirrel Girl is how natural she is. She doesn’t feel artificial at all. Plus, she’s a great example for girls too. How many times do you see female Superheroes who love computer science? Okay, we have new ones that are related to it. But, it’s been recently so. That female readers can find more than one character rocking sciences is great, because girls can also rock science!

Representation of all levels is a must, and in comics too. Squirrel Girl is a funny way to empower readers. I know, the story is crazy, but it’s a great way in believing in yourself.

squirrel girl, marvel, marvel comics, thorsday, comics thorsday, comics, depepi,

Don’t miss Squirrel Girl and her ability to stay positive and sassy despite the circumstances. This is a trade for the whole family. Squirrel Girl comes with great artwork, an amazing crazy story, and a powerful message.

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