Thor: Ragnarok. What’s up with Mjolnir!?

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I cannot stop thinking about Thor: Ragnarok. To be more precise: I cannot stop thinking about Mjolnir. We’ve all seen how Hela has smashed Thor’s favorite toy. But, is it a toy? It might seem ridiculous to worry about the fate of a Hammer; however, there’s much more to Mjolnir that meets the eye.

For starters, Mjolnir is the Hammer of God. Well, the Hammer of Thor. As Odin stated in the first movie, “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” Thus, it very much looks like the Hammer is the source of Thor’s power. If so, what will happen to Thor during Ragnarok? Is he mortal again?

As you remember, Odin sent Thor to Earth without his powers so that he would learn a lesson. He was a bully and a spoiled individual. Very much like any child, he would ask for what he wanted without understanding or care for the consequences. Soon, Thor discovered that he wasn’t a kid anymore, and that he needed something more than a shiny face to have the things that he wanted.

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Kids tend to get their way with smiles and repeating things until exhaustion. And adults will indulge them because they’re cute. Then, they become teens, and the same techniques don’t work anymore. As you enter into adulthood, you discover, with frustration, that you’re just another human being who has tons of limitations. Well, this is Thor in the first movie. Fallen from grace, and deprived of his favorite toy!

After a personal hero’s journey where he learns responsibility, Thor is worthy of Mjolnir again. During the Avengers and the Dark World, we can see him being responsible and “wise.” He has become an adult. But, it seems that he has lost his Hammer yet again. And it appears that it’s going to be permanent.

Hela destroyed Mjolnir.

Said in other words: Death killed the Hammer.

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Mjolnir is interesting: you can use it for creating or destroying. Thus, it looks like Mjolnir is a symbol of inner power. Inner power can be creative or destructive. Inner power is available at any time. And we can use it to create marvels or to be bullies and create destruction.

Now the question is: can inner power be killed? The symbology in Thor: Ragnarok’s trailer is creepy. Death killed someone’s inner power. In this case, Thor’s. Without his inner power, can Thor be victorious? Can he earn his freedom without his inner power? Or will Thor need help and learn how to recharge it?

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Thor was a God, then a mortal being, then a Superhero, and now he seems to be mortal again. Perhaps we’ll see that to be a Superhero you can’t always go solo. Inner power is a great source for anybody, but we all know that there are times that in runs pretty low. In those times, we have no choice but to count with the help of someone else.

What do you think? Will we see the resurrection of Mjolnir? Said in other words, will we experience a recharge of batteries? I hope so.

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