Interesting Funko Pops with their Book partners

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This week I have some interesting Funko Pops with their book partners. I like to match Pops with books because of their color or because of their characters. This week I start with Gamora and Sarah J. Maas Throne of Glass [The Book Depository] series. Gamora is one of the greatest assassin’s in the Galaxy, and so the main character of Throne of Glass.

We start with a killer combination, but there are more fascinating matches.

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I love anthropology. Watching the English [The Book Depository] is a very funny book. You discover many things while laughing a lot. I thought that the best match was Barb (Stranger Things). Isn’t she cute?

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What about taking a look at Kevin? He is a member of the Ghostbusters team. He’s funny, but not that smart. He’s the perfect match for the Magicians of the Gods [The Book Depository]. Chris Hemsworth is Kevin, but he’s also Thor. Therefore, he is a God. But he could also be a ghost. Quite funny!

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The Bride of Frankenstein loves blue. Actually, she glows in the dark and she’s awesome. So, I thought her best match was The State of Grace [The Book Depository]. The cover is so sweet. And so is the story. The main character is a girl who has Aspergers, and for her fitting in also means acknoledging that she’s special.

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I love Alice in Wonderland. So, I tend to collect all types of different editions on the story. But also books on it. Obviously, the best match is Alice in Wonderland and Philosophy. This book looks good, but it’s not as good as I expected. I love just half of its contents.

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