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I cannot wait until I finish the book! Six of Crows [The Book Depository] is too good to be real! Not only I got hooked because this amazing Ocean’s Eleven has captivated my heart, but also because all the characters are flesh and bones. Six dangerous outcasts are on a mission: to break into an impenetrable fortress to save the world. Everybody says it’s an impossible heist. And yet, our six heroes will try the impossible, despite the odds, and themselves. They love each other and hate each other. So, I’m reading at a frenzy ratio to know if some of them are going to kiss or slit their throats open!

Kevin Wada (featured illustration of this post) has captured the six misfits greatly. I’ve imagined all of them quite like that, and now I’m shipping some couples. I won’t lie to you: it’s pure agony to read the book in a slow pace. I simply, can’t. And yet, I’m forced to do so. (I need more time!)

six of crows, leigh bardugo, depepi,

I know what’s going to happen next: after finishing the book, I’ll start Crooked Kingdom [The Book Depository]. This is too good as to be over in just some hundred pages. Keeping spoilers mild, let’s say that the six main characters are too compelling to let them go. Kaz is an adorable idiot who is too deadly to handle. Nina is a sweet Heartrender who can kill you (or cure you). Inej is like a ghost that will haunt your dreams. Matthias is in a huge dilemma: to love or not to love. His education was trash. And Jesper and Wylan are pure fun.

I’m shipping couples here. Yup. Good old me is shipping again. But it’s unstoppable since the book itself wants you to go there. And all while you’re having a heart attack with all the bloody action.

(I guess my future review on this book is going to be brilliant! I’m only halfway, and I adore it!) So, don’t miss this treasure! Go out, get it, and read it!

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