Kawaii Funko Pops and a Magical Shelfie

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This week I decided to take part in a representation search on Instagram. My kawaii Funko Pops pictures might have a chance. I’ve taken a look at the other participants, and I found they’re excellent. So, I decided to include the picture for the rep search in this amazing list. I chose recent photos that I love. I also choose to add the picture of another shelfie.

This week’s book list is also fantastic. I included affiliate links that you can use to buy the books if you want. I only promote things that I love. There’s no extra charge to you for using my affiliate links.

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We start with Barb from Stranger Things. She looks like she’s the perfect reader. Last weekend I went to Waterstones and I couldn’t stop myself to buy some books. Okay, I might have gone too far. But, this is what happens when you enter into Waterstones!

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Although I must admit that Thor isn’t exactly a quiet guy, I decided to match him with A Quiet Kind of Thunder. This is a super sweet story. One of the characters has anxiety issues. But don’t worry, this is a very light read. Plus, the autho is from Brighton. So, this is cool.

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If you like things messy, then you have to love GwenPool. She’s chaotic, cute, and loves wearing pink. I’m planning to do a digital comic book giveaway soon. I hope you love the idea.

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Who doesn’t love Regina aka the Evil Queen? She’s having an amazing arch this last season. She’s pure magic, so I matched her with Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. Regina is very creative, and I’m sure she’ll come up being even a greater character than she already is.

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If you’ve seen Crimson Peak you already know that it’s a perfect movie. Edith Cushing is a sweet character, and yet it feels like she would like to forget. So, I matched her with The One Memory of Flora Banks.

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Sir Thomas Sharpe is a great character. He’s even beautiful when he’s a ghost! So, I matched him with Strange the Dreamer. I got the book in my subscription of the FairyLoot and I love it.

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Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Original Screenplay are great readings. So, I matched the books with my favorite Harry Potter Pops. I’m re-reading the whole series again, and I find more interesting things that I hadn’t seen before. Do you do the same?

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Note: this post contains affiliate links. You can buy the books or the Pops with no extra cost to you. You’ll allow me to buy more books and Pops so that I’ll give them a new home and review them.

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