My Five Favorite Droids

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Although this is a topic from last week, to list my five favorite droids is a delight. So, this Fandom Friday I’m going to show you the cutest droids ever that have stolen my heart. I will start with K-2SO, one of the cutest droids ever!

1. K-2SO

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K-2SO is super cute and elegant. I think this is the best droid that lives in the Star Wars Universe! I know, perhaps I’m stretching that too much, but that’s how I feel about him. He’s funny, sassy, and is cool. I love him!

2. BB-8

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BB-8 is the cutest droid ever! I would like to have him at home. He would be the best companion ever! I’m sure of that! He’s super funny. Alas, I don’t understand anything he says. I would need the Force to translate him.

3. R2-D2

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R2-D2 is another of my favorite droids. He was my number one until BB-8 arrived. But, he’ll always be on my list of favorite droids. He’s also super cute!

4. Wall-E

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Wall-E is so cute and tender that I feel like I just want to hug him forever. I loved the movie far too much. This is another droid that I’d love to have at home. I’m pretty sure we would be best friends.

5. BayMax

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And, finally, we have Baymax. He’s so kawaii that it hurts. I wouldn’t mind to have him at home. I would hug him a lot.

Note: there are some affiliate link in this post. Most of them are Funko Pops. I love the Pops of these droids. They’re super cute. Don’t worry, if you use my affiliate links there’s no extra cost to you.

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