Wonder Woman’s new trailer points at a great movie coming up!

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Have you seen the new Wonder Woman’s new trailer? It points at a great movie coming up! That’s why I’m so happy with it. However, I keep being cautious. Why? Because I didn’t like what DC has done with their movies lately. I haven’t liked any single one of them, to be honest. So, Wonder Woman seems to come as a great relief for me.

It appears that Wonder Woman is a kick-ass Amazon who will help humanity during WWII. My only hope is that DC won’t mess her up since she is one of their pillars. Although I’m a Marvelite, I do like some DC Superheroes. And one of them happens to be Wonder Woman. So, if they mess her up, I won’t be hitting the cinemas for a DC movie ever again! (Yup, I’m that harsh)

There’s a lot here! Diana’s origin story including an explanation of the Amazons. She seems to be different from the rest, and so, the trailer shows her in a different light. But there are secrets: her mother doesn’t want her to know something.

The trailer also points at humor. There’s action but also humor, something I find missing or weak in DC movies since they’ve chosen drama to be different from Marvel. However, Wonder Woman seems to have a good balance with a pinch of everything.

My expectations of the movie have gone up! So, please, DC, keep your promise in the trailer. We want the real Wonder Woman. Don’t mess it up!

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