Do What You Can’t. Happy International Women’s Day!

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Do what you can’t! I know it isn’t the piece you were waiting for the International Women’s Day. However, this is it. Do you know how many times I’ve listened to “you can’t” in my life? A zillion times!

Go to Japan?

You can’t.

Write a book about Loki?

You can’t.


You can’t.

Guess what!? I did all those things!

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And many others I was supposed not to because theoretically, I couldn’t. So, here’s the trick: every time someone tells you that you can’t, try it out. Simply because you will do it! Even if it seems impossible or difficult, try.

When I started to say that I was going to Japan to spend some years there, I was told I couldn’t. Because it’s too expensive. Because I was a nobody. Because it’s super far away. Well, I didn’t listen to anyone, and I used my time to work to achieve my goal. And I made it! Dear haters, I spent eight years in Japan.

So, if someone tells you that you can’t, it might mean that you can. Because you have the guts to try. Because you have the will to work for your goals. Because you’re fierce and someone who doesn’t fear anything. Because you are you.

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So, be Loki and do what you want. And if someone tells you that you can’t it means that you’re on the right path.

Are you a geek like me? Do people tell you that you’re not supposed to read comics because you’re grown up? Do people tell you that be dressed in Hobbit robes is a crazy thing to do? Do people tell you that you shouldn’t have fantasy colored hair? Do people cry out loud when you dress like Princess Leia and your kid as Darth Vader? Do people tell you that you cannot squee in public? Or that you cannot ship an armada?

Just tell the haters: I do what I can’t.

Why? Because I’m awesome!

Let’s geek out ladies! Let’s get Loki!

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