The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Review

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I finished The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time [The Book Depository] in two days. The books is brilliant: you enter into an Autistic kid’s mind and how he navigates and sees the world around himself. Christopher is a fifteen-year-old kid with autism. He lives with his dad. One day, when he takes a night walk, he discovers that someone has murdered the neighbor’s dog. And so, he decides to investigate who killed him.

This book is a breathtaking adventure where you discover the ins and outs of an autistic mind. And you do that from two points of view; Christopher’s and your own. You get involved in his world, and you end up questioning yourself how many different brains and ways of taking the world are out there.

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In this book, we discover a kid that has Autism. But, there are many different types and degrees in the world of Autism. However, the book is brilliant in the sense that is capable of making you enter into his brain and see the world through his eyes. This book is a masterpiece of suspense and also an excellent way to understand people with Autism.

And yet, the book makes you breathless. You are torn in two: feeling too much, and discovering a world where things are difficult to understand. And yet, some other things are so simple. Even if the strategies that Christopher uses to relax seem too difficult for us, they are pretty simple for him.

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This book is a masterpiece, unique, brilliant. Don’t miss the opportunity to enter into Christopher’s world.

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