Five Geeky Expressions Only Your Friends Would Understand

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Yay! Fandom Friday is back! This time we’re going to explore five geeky expressions, only my friends would understand. To be fair, choosing only five geeky expressions is pretty hard since I use more than just five. Sometimes I forget who I have in front of me, and I speak in Greek to my friends. Because it was so hard to choose, I decided to feature those geeky expressions I use the most.

1. He’s such a Life-ruiner!

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I know, I’m an evil creature: I write an expression and use a gif with another one. I won’t excuse my naughty behavior. When I say that some character is a life-ruiner is good, believe me. It’s true. It means that the character is so perfect that he ruins your life in the most amazing way. In fact, so much so, that you can end up with an ovaries explosion. It isn’t bad, but amazingly good. When someone is so perfect that ruins your life and makes your ovaries explode, it means that you fancy that person to the bone. [Whoever invented the explosion expression has my deepest respect. And nope, it has no puns.]

2. Those two are my OTP.

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OTP stands for “one’s true pairing.” When you say that someone is your OTP, you’re stating that you root for that pair’s happiness, that they are perfect together, and that they have ruined your life. And yes, that gif over there are my favorite OTP. Let me swoon in a corner.

3. There is not such thing as too many ships.

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If you’re a shipper, that’s someone who is a fan making pairings with characters from a particular fandom; then it can happen that you root for some ships, aka relationships. When I say that there is not such thing as too many ships, I actually mean that there are no limits in liking or rooting for fictional relationships. Although I admit that I have an armada and not a ship in certain fandoms, I consider that even a thousand armadas are not enough!

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And yes, there goes my sanity with my favorite ships. Oh, sweet shipping!

4. Squee~!

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When you’re super excited about something, you squee! The best example I can give you is Captain Kirk getting all excited about himself. [This is from an episode where he is possessed by an alien intelligence who hadn’t had a body for more than a thousand years. In getting into a body and feel again the intelligence feels excited. His purpose is to build a robot body but, what he got was an amazing squee gif!]

5. I’m such a Captain Swan trash; I can’t even!

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I’m pretty sure that what I just wrote is a grammatical Frankenstein, but I say it quite a lot. What can I do if I love those two? I’m just waiting for them to have a super happy ending, and marry. It’s an agony at the moment because they’re forever trying to make tacos and we can’t enjoy it along with them! When will it happen? When!?

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I know, I just introduced you to extreme sheer amounts of excitement (I can’t even) and let out in the wind a wish for seeing sex on the screen (tacos!) I know, Captain Swan live in a show with suggesting tacos and not real tacos. But the Charmings had their share! Now I want them to have sex! Is that so much to ask?

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By now, you’ve realized how crazy I am with geeky expressions. I’ve written about them many times. You can find them here:

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