Comics THORsday: New Romancer, not what you might expect

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Welcome to an excellent comics THORsday! Today we’re going to explore New Romancer Vol. 1 [The Book Depository], a trade from Vertigo. And it’s not what you might expect. The main character of the story is a computer girl called Lexy who codes crazy stuff. She works on the Romance Algorithm for New Romancer, a code that matches and seduces likely lovers. However, to make it work, she uses the A.I. she stole from her previous job at the Incubator. The Incubator is a trying to put personalities into dead bodies. A thing our protagonist doesn’t know.

Solar flairs make an accident just when Lexy is working on the personality of Lord Byron and Casanova’s. As this happens, back in the lab of the Incubator, all the dead bodies awaken along with those Romancers personalities. And this is when the fun begins!

Just as she walks back to the Incubator to make sure she didn’t smash things up too much, she encounters a guy who speaks in poems. Since she loves poetry, she decides to help him. However, he is rather odd.

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Talking with him, she realizes that he is Lord Byron. But just as she realized that he sees a sexy woman in a golden chariot (a car), and he fades away. However, there’s someone else in a mayhem spree: Casanova. Unlike Byron, Casanova is having fun killing his victims. It looks like he is pretty insane.

For starters, it looks like Casanova is a type of vampire who needs to suck all romantic experiences out. His target victim: Byron. But, he has someone to save him, and it happens to be Lexy… with, and this is totally bonkers, the mummified sexual parts of Casanova that were stolen by someone time ago.

vertigo comics, vertigo, new romancer, comics, comics thorsday, thorsday, depepi,

Things get even crazier the evil scientist “kidnaps” the virtual Ada Lovelace to get to Byron. However, despite the whole mess the comic seems to make fun about online relationships and the difference in having fantasies with someone and real ones. Girls idolize their Lord Byrons, and like Lexy, my go sheer lengths writing fan fiction. Apparently, fan fiction isn’t coding, and thanks to Heavens, we don’t end up with romantic vampires that feed on romantic memories.

The strength of all the messy dialogs and the incredible adventures that we can find in the comic is a smart critic on online dating. In the comic book, Lexy invents fake profiles so that people will have the illusion of talking with someone when using the site New Romancer. Tactics that is well used by romance apps worldwide.

vertigo comics, vertigo, new romancer, comics, comics thorsday, thorsday, depepi,

In a very graphic and funny way, it also depicts the dangers of dating unknown people. Casanova saw his dick stolen, and then Lexy got it and used it against him as a weapon. How many times haven’t we read countless cases of women complaining about unwanted dick pics? In the comics, Lexy uses it as a weapon for getting rid of Casanova, a disgusting vampire with no feelings whatsoever. He only thinks about himself.

We also see hearts broken by comparing the idea against reality. While Lexy’s idea of Byron was all unicorns and angels, reality bites. He farts, eats like a mad man, and has terrible taste in almost everything. The only thing he does good is writing poetry.

vertigo comics, vertigo, new romancer, comics, comics thorsday, thorsday, depepi,

All in all this volume will make you want to read poetry again. You will recognize online dating as the craziest thing ever, and laugh out loud with the insane jokes that appear in the highly colored pages of this trade. Be advised, however, this is not a trade for kids.

Poetry and coding meet to make fun on online dating and to teach us about the dangers that we might find out there. Also, don’t send dick pics around: you might end up like Casanova, with your mummified toy stuck into your eye!

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