The story of a Geek Girl: My Archie was an Artichoke!

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We arrive at my teen years in the story of a Geek Girl. I met Archie when I was in high school. There was only a problem: he was Mr. Artichoke. I cannot remember his name because I started calling him Artichoke. His hair was curly in the fashion of an artichoke. He was slim and the most popular guy in our year. All the girls were in love with him. Except one: me. He was our Archie, and I was the nerdy girl who didn’t give a damn about teen drama. For the most part, I lived in my comics and books.

There was nothing sexy about me. Seriously, I couldn’t be nerdier. I had big glasses, an obsession for comics and books, and a total disinterest in the male species. If you have seen Stranger Things, you’ll find a character who died during high school: Barb. Luckily I survived it. Unlike her, I didn’t feel out or bad meeting the cool kids. Instead, I would feel that they were quite silly because they were unable to realize how idiotic they were.

So, what did Archie-artichoke need to do with a Barb like me? What happens when all the girls were swooning over you, but there was one that wasn’t? He couldn’t take it in, apparently.

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I don’t think Artichoke wanted to make fun of me. I just believe he was incapable of acknowledging the fact that comics were far more interesting than he was. So, one day, he approached me and asked: “do you like my new tee?”

It proved to be a fatal question.

I inspected him carefully and answered the truth: “it’ll fit you like a glove when you stop growing up. Right now your arms are too long and your legs too short. Give it time.”

He was waiting for a swoon or an adjective like handsome. However, I had to speak out my mind. Despite being the most popular guy around, he had not yet grown fully, and his body was quite funny. I saw that. The other girls didn’t. Artichoke was furious. But I couldn’t understand why at the time. Simply put, I had called him hideous without using the word. He was so used to be the popular, handsome kid, that my words came as a blow.

This was me during my teen years. For Artichoke’s horror, he ended up moving in the home in front of ours so that we could see each other from time to time through the window. Even if I believe he forgot the deed, I remember it as an example of my teen character: I spoke my mind.

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I was too nerdy, and I had a very questionable fashion taste. But, who hasn’t when you’re a teen? While my friends were into guys, I was a bookworm more interested in reading and learning languages. It wasn’t until I arrived at Uni that I started to think about romance. However, I did it in very geeky ways. Picture fan fiction gone wild.

So, who I was as a teen? While I had been a why kid as a child, I changed to a nerdy teen with a tendency to speak my mind. I didn’t mind so much about popularity as long as I had my hobbies. And since I didn’t care much about romance, that gave me time to learn languages and read tons of books. By the time I arrived at Uni, my language skills were good enough to have no problems in following my courses.

I was weird, I know. I didn’t mean to be bad with anyone; I just spoke my mind when someone asked. The problem then, as it is now, stays the same: people ask, but they don’t want the truth.

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