Funko Friday: Funko Pops and Books on Instagram this week

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Welcome to Funko Friday! Today I’m going to talk about Funko Pops and books on Instagram this week. I’ve changed a bit the way I post on Instagram, and to reflect that I decided to share an appetizer here. Why? Because I love Pops, comics, and books. Yes, for me comic books are books. And so, I start with Valentine’s Day! I got a blind date with a book. Although the unboxing (rather un-wrapping) video will come later on, I can tell you that this made my day! I was quite gloomy, and suddenly I got this mysterious present. It doesn’t say who the sender is nor the sender knows what book I got! (So, unless you tell me who you are, I’m not going to tell you what book was inside before releasing the video. Ha!)

I felt like getting Newt‘s suitcase in a way. You don’t know what’s inside, nor the scope of that magical suitcase. In any case, this idea rocks and I loved it. I also had a blast unwrapping the whole thing. (Yes, I’m still editing the video.)

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Following up with all things wizardy, we find Snape. What can I say? I have to re-read all Harry Potter again to have my seventh dimention meetings with Severus. There’s no other way to make it happen!

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This week I also fangirled quite a lot. And so, I had to show it up along with my Poppelganger from the Big Bang Theory: Amy Farrah Fowler and The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy [The Book Depository]. This is one of these books that you need to give as a present to every single girl friend you’ve got. Yes: to all of them, even if they aren’t geeks yet. If you want your friends to understand you, give them this book.

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This week I also got my hands on comics. (That’s every day, but I don’t post everything, it would be madness!) Silk Vol. 2: The Negative [The Book Depository] is a compelling volume. I’m keeping up with Silk because it’s a different Superhero and she’s a badass one.

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I also remember that time ago I recommended Supergods [The Book Depository]. If you like reading about Superheroes in general, and maybe discover that they’re indeed the new mythological creatures that make us dream, then this book is for you. There are two version out there. I have the one with the green cover.

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And, finally, there’s Wonder Woman! I got this super sexy Funko Rock Candy Wonder Woman. Funko has several other lines besides Funko Pops. Rock Candy figurines are also super sexy and cute. So, instead of showcasing a Pop along with The Secret History of Wonder Woman [The Book Depository], I decided to go with the Rock Candy figurine. If you can’t wait for the movie, I suggest that you put your hands on this book. You’ll find out amazing things about Wonder Woman. Some are shocking, some are funny, and most of it is just amazing.

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So this is my Funko bookish week. What about yours?

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