1 Month Free Marvel Unlimited Subscription!

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I have a 1 Month Free Marvel Unlimited Subscription for a lucky person! If you love Marvel Comics, you might love this subscription. I’m a subscriber of Marvel Unlimited. You can read as many comics as you want. However, the subscription doesn’t include the latest titles. These come up after six months hitting the stands. But, I assure you that you have enough comics to read for a lifetime! You have access to all the classics, to all X-men, to everything Marvel! The subscription only costs 9.99USD a month, so I think that the deal is pretty good.

So, what to do to get this free month? Easy! Follow me on my social media, share all about this post and do it right now! I’ll announce the winner this Sunday!

Follow the instructions in the widget below to win your 1-month Marvel Unlimited Subscription. Good luck!

1 Month Free Marvel Subscription

One of the reasons I love Marvel Unlimited is because I can read comics wherever I go. The App works perfectly on my iPhone. You can download the comics that you like (a maximum of 10) and read them offline. It’s a great way to kill time when you’re out, and you forgot a book or a comic into your bag.

I know that digital comics are not the same as the paper ones, but I cannot get them all. Besides, I would have a problem with space at home. So, yup, Marvel Unlimited works for me. If you want to give it a try, take part in this giveaway!

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Notes: The code must be used before February 21st, 2017 11:59 ET on monthly memberships only. Offer is valid to new and former Marvel Unlimited members. Offer not valid on annual or annual plus memberships. Valid payment card required to redeem the code. Auto-renewal and other terms and coditions apply. First month billed at $0USD.

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