Comics THORsday (& Funko Friday): Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur with Uhura

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Welcome to Comics THORsday on Friday. This is a mashup with Funko Friday. Today we’re exploring Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Vol. 1: Bff (Amazon) along with Uhura. I bought Moon Girl by chance. The cover of the trade is quite funny. Although I couldn’t figure out how a story about an evil dinnosaur could fit in the Marvel Universe, I bought the trade anyway. It was a smart move sin the trade is very funny.

This is a comic for all ages: it’s sweet, smart, and funny. It has a great recipe for having tons of fun. What’s more: it has a great recipe for natural diversity. What do I mean with “natural diversity”? A type of diversity that isn’t forced but it feels like just walking in the streets. The only magical thing here is the dinosaur.

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Time travel is a theme that I love. I haven’t ever thought about an evil dinosaur moving through time and becoming friends with a very smart girl. Let’s be clear: Moon (Lunella) shatters stereotypes, and that’s one of the high points of this comic. Also, this comic book is sweet enough as to get anyone loving it. It’s perfect for the whole family!

I chose Uhura as the companion for the book because she is a badass smart character that I love. Star Trek has lots of episodes related to time travel. There are no dinosaurs, but there’s a lot of science involved. Since science is what connects Lunella with Uhura, I thought it appropriate to match them both.

You’re bound to success if you choose this comic and the Pop. If you are thirsty for funny stories, time travel, friendship and the birth of a different type of hero, then this is your comic book!

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