OUAT: Once Upon A Time… Captain Hook (aka, ovaries explode)

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The best thing of Once Upon a Time in its second season is Captain Hook! I’m not going to lie to you: Killian Jones is the sexiest pirate in history, or so tell my exploding ovaries. Snow and Emma end up in the Enchanted Forest just after the curse is broken. In this season we’re having lots of cool flashbacks with all the characters, and the appearance of some new ones. For starters: Killian Jones. But also a new villain to take care about: Cora, Regina’s mother.

This season is cool because you can choose from an excellent array of villains. You’ve got Mr. Gold, Captain Hook, the Evil Queen, Cora, and even Charming’s “Dad.” But there’s something else: we get to know what happens when you obsess over things and when you decide for others. I’m talking about Belle’s Dad and his attempt to make her forget Rumple. Both Rumple and he decide for her. But, what about her opinion? Isn’t she old enough as to choose what she likes?

So, we have common folk becoming villains and villains on the path of heroism. But we also have romance. In this season we’re going to meet Hook and with him the start of Captain Swan, on of the best ships on television. [As a Captain Swan shipper, I’m not going to say sorry for my biased opinion. Sorry, not sorry.]

killian jones, ouat, once upon a time, captain hook, hookers, oncers, hooker, depepi, depepi.com
killian jones, ouat, once upon a time, captain hook, hookers, oncers, hooker, depepi, depepi.com

So, what do we see in the first chunk of episodes of season 2? How human these characters are! People can be both heroes and villains. There is no perfect solution. We’ve seen many characters in Storybrooke dealing with their light and dark sides. However, we still need to explore those sides in the main cast.

Killian is going to give us another villain who is going to try to be good. So far, we know that Regina is trying for Henry. We’ve also seen Rumple trying for Belle, although he has already confessed that his magic is like a crutch. After so much time using it, he needs it because it means having power. Without it, he’s just a coward. But so far, he’s trying.

We also have heroes in small actions. The one representing this is Henry. As a kid, he can’t do much. However, he is telling us how small deeds can mean the world to someone else. If not, remember what he did with the Mad Hatter. He pointed out that the worse thing that can happen to a kid is not knowing why their parents disappeared.

At the moment, I’m watching how Charming saves Red from being torn apart by a mob because they think she is the one who has murdered a mouse. Well, the mouse became human in Storybrooke. Red thinks she is the one who has killed him, but it turns out it’s Charming’s evil “Daddy.”

I’m getting closer to great moments with Captain Swan. Are you eager to follow my steps and enjoy OUAT’s season 2 again?

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Note: this post contains an affiliate link. I only share things that I love. (And I love Killian Jones, so, it’s just fair that I promote season two like a true fangirl!!)

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