What I’m Watching: Riverdale, on Netflix

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Although I’m not a huge fan of Archie, I have read some comics and quite enjoyed it. So, I decided to watch Riverdale on Netflix. This version of Riverdale is much darker than the ones I’ve read in the comics. In fact, I find it more interesting. We all know coming-of-age stories that thrill us, but this time this show has the potential to be something else. Based on the comics, it can showcase Riverdale from another angle. Plus, it can be a mirror for diversity.

Riverdale can become a huge hit. However, there is a little bit of polemics out there on the web. For example, the will for Jughead to be asexual. Whatever happens, the potential for greatness is there. You can feel it in the first episode: lovely made. And the colors are just perfect.

[SPOILERS ahead! There are spoilers about the first episode. So, if you want to be surprised by the show: stop reading right here. If you don’t mind spoilers, keep reading please.]

riverdale, archie, depepi, depepi.com

Things change in just a summer when Jason Blossom dies. His twin sister, Cheryl, is a hideous human being. She is but trouble so far. While Archie tries to change from jock to cool guy trying desperately to enter into the field of music, a new arrival to the school makes things crumble. Veronica Lodge, the new entry, seems quite friendly and becomes Betty Cooper’s friend. However, the love triangle is developing fast.

Now, the good thing about this show is the teen angst you can feel in it, and how young characters are fighting to do what they want to do, and not what others want them to do. Archie is disappointing everyone: his dad, Betty, his ex-best friend Jughead, and a love affair that happened during summer time! In this town everybody has secrets. Even the ones who seem the sweetest.

riverdale, archie, depepi, depepi.com

The colors in the show are majestic. Colors in photography are essential to create the environment. That’s what’s happening with Riverdale. Colors make you remember the comic book quickly. Well, the newer version of it. You can also feel the difference in character that comes from fashion. Each of them is triggering a teen stereotype. Will they shatter it? Only time will tell.

In this town everybody has secrets. Even the ones who seem the sweetest.

The first episode begins with Jughead telling the story of what’s going on. So far, he’s been the narrator. But it seems that he has a lot to say in the show and outside the show. Will he be asexual? Will he be the silent witness of what’s going on? When will he deliver the bomb with all the details? And more importantly, who killed Jason?

I’m eager to keep up with the show. It’s dark enough and intriguing enough to give it a try. Plus, it has lots of potential. Let’s hope it keeps up with the good vibes!

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