WE ARE GROOT: Why diversity and connection makes us better

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“We are Groot” is a strong statement. The first movie of Guardians of the Galaxy presents us a plant as a Superhero: Groot. He spends most of the film stating “I am Groot.” However, by the end of it, he finally says “we are Groot.” It might look like a weak sentence but it hides a powerful feeling: that connection makes us better, regardless of who we are.

Think about the movie: an Earthling, a green humanoid assassin, an alien with few brains, a lab rat that talks, and a tree safe the Galaxy. And they do so as a team: through their connection to each other. These heroes couldn’t be more different from each other, and more diverse. They begin their quest openly hating each other, but they soon learn that those differences are but illusions.

guardians of de galaxy, connection, groot, I'm groot, we're groot, depepi, depepi.com

Regardless of how big or small we are, our origins, or how we look like, there is great power in every one of us. Alone, we might seem powerless, but when we’re connected to each other we can accomplish amazing things. Indeed, when we unite, when we come together, our voice, our power makes a great stand.

We only need to take a look at the many Womens March around the world. One voice might get lost, however, many will get the message through. As happened with the Guardians of the Galaxy, people of all origins united to say “we are Groot.”

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People tend to feel isolated and powerless, especially when they look at their Governments. However, one must remember how society has been built: through a Social Contract. We give imaginary power to a group of people to guide us in exchange for giving them that permission, so we don’t live like savages. But, what happens when these leaders lose that imaginary power that people has given to them? They lose all given imaginary power.

The Guardians of the Galaxy seem to be losers: people that society has rejected. These outcasts managed to realize how powerful they were when acting together and not caring about how green, tall, or humanoid they were. To make that leap they had to understand that they weren’t less than other people, and that they could also do something for others.

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But, it’s a very difficult thing to do when you have issues with self-esteem, feel like no one cares for you, and belong to a minority that most people despises. First, we must believe in ourselves, and we must let other people help us. We must connect with those who we think won’t connect with us because they aren’t like us. In connecting, you find out common ground. And in the search for that common ground, you also discover that together we can achieve great things. Together, we are Groot.

Guardians of the Galaxy talks about the power of the group:

  • the Nova ships forming a blockade to prevent Ronan’s ship from descending to the planet to kill everyone,
  • Groot creates a capsule with his body to save all his friends, protecting the group,
  • and our heroes holding hands with one another taking the infinity stone and facing Ronan.

guardians of de galaxy, connection, groot, I'm groot, we're groot, depepi, depepi.com

Groot is an amazing Superhero: he’s a tree. Trees symbolize life for almost all cultures around the world. Where you see a plant, a tree, you rest assure you can find life. Root sacrifices himself for his friends, but gets back as baby Groot. When you do something greater than you do, your memory lives on. That’s what Groot represents: life for something greater, even in the scarier scenarios. (Think about where you can find trees on Earth!)

We all have the potential for good and evil. We all choose our path, very much like the Guardians of the Galaxy. Gamora was an assassin, Quill a scavenger and a thief, Groot and Rocket Raccoon bounty hunters, and Drax is a detroyer. We can end up like Ronan, alone and using all types of schemes to harm others for our amusement, or we can be like the Guardians of the Galaxy: happy friends. The choice is ours.

guardians of de galaxy, connection, groot, I'm groot, we're groot, depepi, depepi.com

I am Groot. We are Groot.

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