What I’m Watching: Beyond. And yup, it’s on Netflix.

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Last week I found a great show on Netflix called Beyond. I was bored, and I ended up taking a look at new shows on Netflix. My eyes ended up on Beyond, a show that tells the story of Holden Matthews, a teen who has an accident and stays in a coma for 12 years. When he wakes up, it’s like a miracle. But he’s not a teen anymore: he’s an adult. What’s more, he also has superpowers. But, while he struggles to recover his previous life, he discovers that he is also in great danger.

Imagine that you’ve been sleeping for a long time, and when you wake up you have physically changed, and the world around you has gone wild. Computers were rare, but now people communicate using smartphones. Imagine the shock of Holden when everything he knew is gone.

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Holden is a teen at his heart. With no experience whatsoever with women, he tries to appeal to a girl in a shopping mall. What seems to be a good thing, ends up being a warning for his life. Willa, the girl, seems to know him already. But he has no clue of who she is.

He struggles to adapt to his new environment, but things start getting creepier by the minute. There’s a man with a hideous yellow jacket after him. The bosses of the man want Holden for whatever sinister reason. He wants none of it, just his life back. Unfortunately, he’s the key to something amazing.

I started watching the show last week, and I’ve already finished it. It seems that we’ll have a second season. If you like mystery mixed with reality in a way that it’s credible, this is your show. But, beware! It makes you think a lot. What would you do if you wake up from a coma after more than ten years? How would you react with your body? How would you respond to your surroundings? What if you aren’t the smartest guy around?

This show is worth the time.

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