Movie plan for 2017: tons of movies!

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It seems that my movie plan for 2017 includes far more films than last year. For starters, we have more Superhero movies and other cult movies. January began with Assassin’s Creed, a disappointing film for me. However, I do hope the rest of movies on my list will do great. So, now that we know that I already saw Assassin’s Creed let’s move to other horizons!


It seems that this movie is based on the comics “Old man Logan.” If so, I need to prepare to say goodbye to one of my favorite characters: Wolverine. The tone of the movie is somber, and the trailer is weird for a Superhero film. I’ll prepare tissues and hope that the “new Wolverine” hinted in the trailer keeps up with Logan’s flag.

Beauty and the Beast

I don’t like romance movies, but, since I saw Beauty and the Beast as a kid, I need to give this version a try. According to the trailer, the movie is very similar to the original Disney’s animated film. Even if it’s only to remember childhood memories, I think that this film is worth watching.

Ghost in the Shell

This movie is a hot potato, mainly because of the cast. Despite this, I intend to watch it and explore what they did with the anime. I hope the script accompanies the visuals of the movie. It looks staggering, but after Assassin’s Creed, I’m pretty cautious.

T2 Trainspotting

This is a cult movie that shocked me years ago. (I had nightmares with the baby scene). I hope there won’t be anything as shocking as the haunting baby. The introduction speech has changed, but in essence, it’s the same. To miss this one is to miss art!

Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2

Guardians of the Galaxy is one of my favorite Marvel movies. Or said in other words: I’m Groot! I had too much fun with the first movie, and I can’t miss this one. Have you seen the little Groot messing things around? He’s super cute!

Wonder Woman

You know me. I’m not a DC fan. However, I do love Wonder Woman. Thus, I need to see this movie. I hope that the movie is good, because if not I’m not going to see any other DC movie in a long time. Well, at least in the cinemas. It has to be good. We’re talking about Wonder Woman.

Despicable Me 3

I’ve never laughed so much with animated movies before. Despicable Me has something other animated movies don’t have: Minions! You have to love them! Plus, their boss is super funny too. It seems that the Villain in this movie loves Michael Jackson’s music. I’m sold!

Spider-Man: Home Coming

Finally, Spidey comes to the Marvel MCU! I’ve been watching Spider-Man movies for a long time, but they didn’t cut it for me. I hope this time we can have the “real” Spider-Man. Plus, having him in the MCU is great!

Blade Runner 2049

I lost count on how many times I saw the original Blade Runner. Although I don’t love the new cast, I need to see what they’ve done with this movie. It seems that visually is going to be another masterpiece. However, I’m a little bit suspicious about the script. I’ll need to wait to watch it to discover it.

Justice League

Affleck’s Batman doesn’t convince me at all. But I do want to see this new Aquaman. I just hope that the script is good because I haven’t liked any of the movies DC has made. I’m just hoping they’ll make things right. (Note: I don’t have much hope.)

THOR: Ragnarok

Guess who is dying to see Loki on screen again!? Yours Truly, of course. It seems that we’ll also have Doctor Strange joining the cast. Imagine all the ship combinations. Exactly, ThorKiStrange just popped up in your mind.

Star Wars Episode VIII

Carrie Fisher made all her scenes for the movie before dying. It means that fans are going to need tons of tissues for this movie. It’s going to be too emotional. It’s going to be released in December, and so, our hearts will be plenty of memories. May the Force be with us!

Did I miss any other cool movie? Let me know in comments.

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