Assassin’s Creed, the review

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I started the year hitting the cinema for Assassin’s Creed. This review is the start of a year of movies. It seems I will be going more to the cinema during 2017. But, let’s talk about the film now, and about the film plans on a later post. Assassin’s Creed had potential. However, the movie felt short. Yes, I expected much more from it. The cast is fantastic, the visuals are astonishing, but the script felt short.

It was amazing to travel through time back to Seville, Spain. The Assassins are working to keep free will while the Templars are trying to destroy it. Assassins keep safe an apple that can destroy free will forever, while the Templars are searching for it desperately.

[SPOILERS: this review contains spoilers of the film. If you haven’t seen it yet, stay away. If, however, have seen it or you’re still deciding, be my guest and keep reading.]

assassin's creed, movies, pop culture, magneto, depepi,, reviews

Cal is a kid somewhere in New Mexico. He discovers his mother dead next to his father, who has a blade. He thinks his father has killed his mother. Before some extrange dudes arrive in cars and dressed like the Men in Black, his father tells him to run. So, he escapes. The next thing we know is that he’s sentenced to die. We follow his steps while he “officially dies” and then when he re-awakens at the Templars’ intallations in Madrid, Spain. They have discovered a way to travel back in time through memomies. They’re searching for an apple. And yes, this sounds as crazy to Cal as it sounds to us.

A sexy doctor wants him to remember slowly and keep him alive. However, her father wants to speed things up because the big bosses want results now or they’ll stop paying billions for their project. The project is called the Animus. It’s a giant machine that lets you travel back in time living the memories of your ancestors. If you don’t do it willingly, the machine cripples you.

At first, Cal is flipping because everything looks so crazy. Who wouldn’t? I mean, you’re “dead,” wake up in a different country, and they tell you that you are supposed to search for an apple. Seriously?

Cal hasn’t much choice, so they plug him in, and he ends up living the life of Aguilar, his ancestor. But, Aguilar is no common ancestor: he’s the last Assassin known to have had the apple. Haunted by the visions of Aguilar, Cal gives in and lets the Templars know where the apple is. But there’s a catch: he ends up having access to lots of his ancestors. Plus, he learns how to fight like Aguilar and kick ass like a pro.

assassin's creed, movies, pop culture, magneto, depepi,, reviews

We can see Cal and Aguilar “fly” around, kick ass and being badass. The movie plays an enormous amount of care in the scenes from the past and the present where you have amazing technology. However, the script is too straightforward and poor and diminishes the potential of the movie.

If you enjoy Michael Fassbender shirtless, then you’re going to love the film. But if you loved him as Magneto, then you’ll feel there’s something missing. The whole movie had me waiting for something to happen. This isn’t good when lots of things happen during the film, but you’re still waiting for the big thing. And when it never happens, you end up frustrated.

Yes, there was a mechanic apple, several villains, an anti-hero and many companions. But it all felt short. Even when Cal kills the villain, it isn’t as dramatic nor surprising either. Showing Cal in a hoodie, and Aguilar in his robes (with a hoodie) and making them “fly” from buildings in different time frames won’t be enough. This isn’t a video game; it’s a film! And so, the audience expects more. Or at least, I expected more. And no, a shirtless Fassbender isn’t enough. I can find tons of shirtless Fassbenders on Tumblr, thank you very much.

Visually, the movie is a masterpiece. But the script killed me. I expected much more from the film. Only butt kicking, stunning visuals, and hot shirtless dudes aren’t enough. Nothing will work if the script doesn’t hold it together. A shame, because Assassin’s Creed had so much potential. So, if there’s going to be a second movie, I really hope they give more time to the story.

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