2016 in Review: a Year for Cleansing

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Although 2016 has been a rocky year, I cannot say it has been a bad year overall. Despite all the crying, I must say that it’s been good for cleansing. I see 2016 as a rocky roller coaster that allowed me to cleanse slowly and noisily. Cleansing can be cathartic and even look like a mess. But the results are positive. So, despite 2016 being a year of goodbyes, including family ones, it’s also been a great year to start something new. Before you can start anew, you need to be ashes. I know, the metaphor is spooky, but that’s what’s happened to me during 2016: I finally burned out, and now I’m ready to come back in all my glory during 2017!

In blogging terms, 2016 has been a Loki year with ups and downs. Because of my several burnouts at work, I spent some months with less writing and more crying. Despite this, 2016 has been good for this blog. Not only that, it has been naughty and quite interesting.

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The most read post of 2016:

Humans need sex as much as breathing. Or so it seems according to you, my dear readers. The post you’ve read the most during this year is Sex in Comics! We all know it feels good, but it seems that we want to read loads about it too. No need to be shy! 2016 has been naughty, and we know it!

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The funny thing here is that the second most read post this year has been Were Viking females like Lady Sif? This is the most read post ever in this blog! It seems that we all need a Lagertha or a Lady Sif in our lives.

The most popular section of 2016:

Comics THORsday continues to be number one in this blog. But it’s closely followed by Funko Fridays. I love talking about comics and Funkos, but also about more serious topics. However, this year THORsday is king.

The most popular Geek Anthropology post of 2016:

It seems we’re hooked on fan fiction because the winner this year has been Shipper fans, passion, and love. Let’s face it; we adore shipping characters!

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(See? We’re at it again! Shipping characters, talking about sex in comics… 2016 has been openly naughty here!)

The Comics I enjoyed the most during 2016:

The list is incredibly long. You can read it here. But just let’s say that Spider-Gwen, Gwenpool, Doctor Strange and many others made it to the list. If you haven’t read any of the comics, I highly recommend you to give them a try! (Yup, all of them. Just go to the list and enjoy reading!)

The Books I enjoyed the most during 2016:

The Gospel of Loki, The Sword of Shannara, Pretty in Ink, Do the Gods Wear Capes? And a long list of other books! (If I want to list them all here, it’s going to be madness! So, please go here to find them all).

The Ship I want to make tacos with during 2016:

I know, that’s a weird way of selling a ship, but I cannot find a better way of doing it. Captain Swan beats everything! I know, I also ship Lagertha and Ragnar, but Captain Swan got into my skin. (Literally, since someone got inked! Oh, my! Did I confess in public!?)

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killian jones, ouat, once upon a time, captain hook, hookers, oncers, hooker, depepi, depepi.com

The show that stole my soul during 2016:

Amazing, cathartic and incredibly funny: Lucifer wins the award for 2016! I know, this is like confessing I sold my soul to the devil, but I haven’t. I’m just a Luci-fan. And yes, I also buy the comics. Let’s say he’s too cool not to be followed.

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The movie that made me cry a river during 2016:

I wrote about it just some days ago, but Rogue One made me cry the Niagara Falls. I’m sure I’ll end up crying more next time I see it because of Princess Leia leaving us too soon. Considering it’s a movie to bring us hope, I cried like a baby and beyond!

The movie that made me laugh like a mad girl during 2016:

Deadpool is king. I know, it’s like saying you’re a fan of tacos (let’s stop here and think about the pun for a while), but hey, it’s Deadpool! So, yes, Deadpool wins!

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Just one negative note…

I love unboxing cool boxes plenty of fabulous goodies. Some months ago I started a subscription with the Nerdy Bookworm Box, but it has ended this week! It seems that there was only one girl behind the project, and she wrapped and sent everything by herself! I guess it was burnout and not being able to find another way that brought her to stop the project. I must say I was in tears. It was the best bookish box ever!

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In essence:

2016 has been a rocky year, but also a naughty one. I’ve got ups and downs like this blog, but overall it has been good. I’ve collected a massive amount of Pops, read tons of comics, bought and read amazing books and have loads of fun in the movies.

Thank you 2016 for the naughty fun and all the laughs 🙂

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