Comics THORsday: 2016 Comic Book Selection

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I can’t believe this is our last Comics THORsday of the year! 2016 has proven to be a very rocky year. Today I’m going to share my 2016 comic book selection of best comics. Although this year has been weird, it has also been good for comics. I’ve made great discoveries, and I’ve also found series that I love and want to keep reading. Reading comics is a pleasure, and I must say that 2016 has been a great year for them.

1. Spider-Gwen

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Spider-Gwen is one of my favorite comic books. Not only the story is thrilling and interesting, but I also love Gwen’s fashion. This is not the first time I get inspired by a comic book character to dress in a certain way, but this is the first time I get so hooked in geek fashion. If you haven’t read this one yet, what are you waiting for!?

2. Gwenpool

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Gwenpool is pure dynamite! As soon as I started reading it I ended up in tears: it’s way too funny to put this comic book aside. Unlike Deadpool, Gwenpool is crazy in a different way. She is cute and funny and likes pink. For her, everything is a joke, since she comes from our Universe. However, how long can she pretend that nothing will happen to the hero? For how long her knowledge of the comic book world will keep her safe “heroing” around?

3. Ms. Marvel

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Ms. Marvel is amazing. This is another of my favorite series. I’ve been keeping reading it since day one, and I’m still at it. I love her! She’s down-to-earth, funny and quite serious. Despite being so young, Kamala has a lot to teach us!

4. Doctor Strange

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Doctor Strange is a very trippy comic. I love the illustrations way too much, although I must admit the whole comic is quite psychedelic. But, I guess that’s the point of it. This is another jewel I encountered this year.

5. Pretty Deadly

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Pretty Deadly isn’t for kids: too bloody and with mind blowing artwork. Despite not liking westerns, this was a great surprise for me. I bought it because of the strange mix of Japanese and Western aspects in the comic book. This was an amazing read! Remember, however, that this comic isn’t for kids!

And also:

  • Lumberjanes: a witty series that is a must-read for all ages!
  • With Nimona you’ll question yourself who are the real villains in the story. This is a masterpiece!
  • Gotham Academy: where Harry Potter meets DC. This is a great comic also for a wide audience.
  • Silk is another female Superhero with a great wardrobe. I couldn’t resist buying a sweater from We Love Fine!
  • Monstress is a masterpiece of Japanese art, horror and storytelling. This is a must read too! Beware, however, this isn’t a comic book for kids!
  • In the Vision we learn that being normal has a price. What does it mean to be normal? Can’t we accept diversity? And, what’s human?
  • Vote Loki is a manifesto to the 2016 US elections. You can’t a finer trickster talking about politics in comics.
  • Paper Girls is a great discovery for me. It has the 80s tune, a pinch of horror, sci-fi and astonishing art. This is a series that I intend to continure reading.
  • They’re Not Like Us is a darker take on X-men. It’s beautiful artwork makes it even scarier if you happen to think how people nowadays are able to alienate themselves. If we’re special, do we need to think of others as the enemy?
  • Lucifer is back. Someone has killed God, and the whole Heavens believe it’s been him. But it hasn’t. Will he survive this adventure?
  • A blogger friend recommended Saga to me. It’s more than great, it’s brilliant! I’m continuing reading Saga forever!
  • Batgirl is an easy read with not many brainers. It’s a fresh take on the Batgirl. I like that it’s simple, and I adore the artwork.

What comics did you love during 2016? Let me know in comments 🙂

Note: This post contains affiliate links. I only share things that I love. Any purchases made from those links allow me to purchase more comics (and books.) There’s no extra cost to you.

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