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I decided to join the A Merry Fictional Blog Challenge from Oh So Geeky. I love celebrating Xmas, although I must admit that I do it in an entirely different way I did when I was a child. (You’ll notice it in my answers.)

Advent Calendar: Traditions you celebrate during December?

As a child, I used to prepare the Nativity with my family. It’s a huge thing: it starts somewhere in December, and you’re supposed to move the figurines. You can’t place baby Jesus until Xmas. Then, you move the Wise Men (Kings) until January 6th, when they bring presents to Jesus (day you get the presents too). I don’t quite follow it now. Although I place a simple Nativity, you can find it along with Japanese figurines, Santa, a Xmas tree made of patchwork, and candles. Now, presents are exchanged during Xmas, and minor ones in January. Reasons? Practicality: you have more time to enjoy them! I also like to have a Pooping Yule Log. You kick him, and it’s supposed to poo sweets and small presents. (I know, weird, but it’s funny!) Although you might be picturing me as a professional Pooping Yule Log kicker, reality is that I went sweet on him. I always thought that it wasn’t good for the Log to be kicked so much after being fed during weeks!

Carols: What’s your favorite song(s)?

A Spanish Carol called “Canta, Ríe, Bebe” (Sing, Laugh, Drink). This is a very naughty song. Although you can find sweeter versions of it, I grew up with the naughty lyrics. Just for fun, let’s see what this song says.

Me he comprado una zambomba-bomba (I bought a rustic drum- um) [The naughty part here is the “bomba” part that means “great,” or “bomb.”]
Un pandero y un tambor-or (And a tambourine and a drum-um)
Y “pá” completar la fiesta (And to complete the party)
Los cacharros del fogón (the stove’s pots and pans)

Cógete unas tapaderas-eras (Take some covers-overs)
Que no hay que dejar dormir-ir (Since we won’t let anyone sleep-eep)
Ni al de arriba ni al de abajo (Nor the neighbor above us, nor the one below us)
Ni al que tiene guarda aquí (Nor the one who needs to guard here)

Canta, ríe, bebe, que hoy es Nochebuena (Sing, laugh, drink, ‘coz today is Xmas)
Y en estos momentos no hay que tener pena (In these moments we won’t be sad)
Dale a la zambomba, dale al almirez (Beat the rustic drum, beat the mortar)
Y dale a tu suegra en mitad la nuez (Beat your Mother-in-Law in the middle of the Adam’s Apple) [I told you this was naughty!]

Esta noche hasta los guardias-guardias (Tonight even the policemen- men)
Pescan una borrachera-era (will get drunk- unk)
Por eso no tengo miedo (that’s why I’m not afraid)
A que nadie me detenga (that no one will take me in [jail])

Hasta mañana temprano-ano (until early tomorrow- ow)
No me tengo que acostar-ar (I don’t need to go to sleep- eep)
Pues esta noche me ha dado (Tonight I only want to)
Por cantar y por bailar (sing and dance)

Canta, ríe, bebe, que hoy es Nochebuena (Sing, laugh, drink, ‘coz today is Xmas)
Y en estos momentos no hay que tener pena (In these moments we won’t be sad)
Dale a la zambomba, dale al violín (Beat the rustic drum, play the violin)
Dale a la cabeza y canta feliz (beat your head and sing happily)

Al chico de mi portera-era (The kid of the doorwoman)
Hoy le han traído en camilla-illa (has been taken home in an stretcher- er)
Por pedir el aguinaldo (because he asked for the Xmas bonus)
Al tendero de la esquina (to the corner’s shopkeper)

Al tendero de la esquina-ina (to the corner’s shopkeper)
Que ha tenido la atención-on (who has had the attention of)
De tirarle a la cabeza (throwing to his head)
Un pedazo de turrón (a piece of turrón [a very heavy sweet made with almonds, it’s hard to eat, and if thrown, it can be a weapon])

Canta, ríe, bebe, que hoy es Nochebuena (Sing, laugh, drink, ‘coz today is Xmas)
Y en estos momentos no hay que tener pena (In these moments we won’t be sad)
Dale a la zamboma, dale a la sartén (Beat the rustic drum, beat the pots)
Y dale al tendero un tiro en la sien (And shot the shopkeeper on the head) [I know right!? This part is totally nuts!!!]

I don’t know about the origins of this song, but it’s totally inappropriate. Despite this, this one of my favorite carols.

Coal: A naughty character you’d send coal to?

bill murray, scrooged, mr.scrooge, depepi, depepi.com

Mr. Scrooge from the Scrooged 1988 movie. I loved this movie as a kid. Well, I’m a great fan of Bill Murray, so his weird version of Mr. Scrooge is the best for enjoying a little bit of sweet coal.

Fireplace: Favorite Christmas movie that melts your heart?

I’m not sure this qualifies as a melting-of-hearts Xmas movie, but for me, Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit are perfect for Xmas. The tradition of watching Lord of the Rings for Xmas started in Japan. Since then, I’ve been watching the trilogy (and then added to the pot the Hobbit) every Xmas. And yes, it’s a movie marathon!

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Gingerbread: What’s your favorite holiday snack?

Soft Turrón made with almonds and honey. It’s a caloric bomb, but I love it. It’s my Xmas weakness. So much so, I need to be sent the thing from Spain to wherever I might be.

Hot Cocoa: What’s your favorite drink?

Pink Cava (pinks sparkling Spanish wine). This is the drink for Xmas. There’s no other way around it: I need to drink this in sheer quantities from Xmas until January the 1st!!

Mistletoe: Character you’d like to meet under the mistletoe?

Loki, Ragnar, Lagertha, and my favorite pirate: Captain Hook. [Sorry, not sorry, I can’t just name one character!]

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Mittens: A cozy outfit that keeps you warm during winter?

Woolen hats. I need them. Otherwise, my ideas get frozen in record time.

Naughty: Three characters who’d make the Naughty list.

Loki, Captain Hook, and Lucifer. I think Loki and Lucifer might be on the Naughty list always.

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Nice: Three characters who’d make the Nice list.

Bilbo Baggins, Captain America and Belle (from OUAT). Especially Belle, she is unbelievable. I would have killed Rumple years ago!

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North Pole: If you could spend Christmas anywhere (even fictional), where would you go?

Tokyo! I would spend Xmas and New Year in Tokyo. I miss all the amazake from the temples, and the lights, and all the food!

Presents: A book or movie on your wishlist?

The whole book collection of the Shannara Chronicles. I began reading the first one, but I intend to read the full collection. So, yup, the wishlist has a ton of books!

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Rudolph: What’s your favorite TV holiday special?

None. I don’t own a TV set. I’m just addicted to Netflix and DVDs. So, I would say Netflix and Chill.

Santa: A character you’d love to exchange presents with? What would you get them?

Killian Jones. I would probably give him a bottle of Kraken Rum. I know, not very impressive, but I’d love to chill and exchange presents with this one.

Scrooge: A villain you’d help see life in a different way?

Loki. He has so much potential, and most of it is wasted when he turns to the super dark side. However, trying to make him see things in a different way wouldn’t hurt. But, it wouldn’t work. Loki is Loki.

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Snowflake: Something that makes you feel special.

That I’m somewhat tricky. I’m quiet for most of the time, but if people bug me, my brain starts getting funky ideas on how to stop the bullies. I love that I’m able to think that way and how my mind works. It makes me feel not only safe but incredibly strong.

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Tree: What do you decorate your house with for the season?

It’s quite simple: a patchwork tree, some figurines, and candles. I might add lights this year too. When you’ve moved so much from country to country, you don’t want to have too many decorations. What I have is what I love the most.

Yuletide: The top 3 things in your life that make you the happiest?

Love, creativity, and friendship. These are the things that make me feel amazing. Loving others and being loved, create new things and share it with the world.

BONUS: Ugly Christmas Sweater: Would you wear a sweater Molly Weasley made you or avoid it like the plague?

I would avoid it like the plague! I’m not a fan of ugly Xmas sweaters, but I do want to dress as Santa and give around presents. I even have a Rudolf plush to make the pack worthwhile.

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