Nerdy Bookworm Box December 2016 Unboxing

Welcome to another Nerdy Bookworm Box unboxing! This time we’re discovering all the goodies from the December box. Before spoiling all the contents, I must say that this is one of my favorite boxes ever. You never know what you’re going to get, but you’re sure you’re going to have a great book. It does feel like Xmas every single month! And this is one of the high points of this box. I simply adore it!

Let’s discover all the contents together!

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The topic of the December box is Strange New Worlds. The goodies inside are breathtaking!

  • The star of the box is the book! We got Flashfall [The Book Depository] [Waterstones] by Jenny Moyer (hardcover). This is a book plenty of adventure, science fiction, dystopia, and fantasy.
  • A Court of Nightmares Soap. I love it, especially because it comes with a wrapping bracelet with a charm. It can be used as a bracelet. Hence, it’s two presents in one. I love it!
  • A Burrowy Xmas Lip Balm by Literary Lip Balms. It’s creamy, and the scent is sweet. I’m going to use it until there’s nothing left! (I might need to stock some more of it!)
  • Peter and Wendy earrings! Unfortunately, I cannot wear these type of earrings. However, they already found a home. I made a bookish, nerdy friend super happy today.
  • A Bookish and Proud of It notebook by Huck & Pucker. I’ve been searching for a journal for a while now. So, I was delighted to find one inside the box! No need to keep searching for one now. This one is just perfect!
  • Shades of Magic Art Prints inspired on Red London. I don’t like these prints. I’m sorry, I’m not sorry. But they do look hideous. I wouldn’t miss them at all if they hadn’t been in the box at all. I’m not going to give them as present to anyone either. I don’t consider them good enough as to be given away.
  • Bonus items: a quest card, a bookmark and a signed bookplate from the author!

nerdy, nerdy bookworm box, unboxing, books, depepi,

Except for the art prints, the rest of the box is fantastic! I’m keeping up with the subscription. I need to find some extra time to read all the list of books I have on my to-read shelf. I’m finishing the Sword of Shannara at the moment, and I need to choose from the shelf one of the books. Which one will be the lucky one?

Have you read any adventure and dystopic book lately? Let me know the title in comments. I’m always eager to discover new treasures!

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