After The Gospel of Loki: Runemarks

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I lost count on how many times I’ve read The Gospel of Loki. Now, I plan to re-read it after I finish Runemarks. If you haven’t got your hands on these books, I recommend you to do it soon. The Gospel of Loki is one of my favorite books. It’s funny, witty and it makes you love Loki regardless of all his tricks and misbehaviors. Runemarks seems to be a great read as well. However, I wasn’t expecting the book’s size! (It’s going to be a challenge to put these two books together on a shelf!)

If you’ve been following this blog, you already know that Loki is one of my favorite characters. And so, I feel the need to read all things Loki. When I first read The Gospel of Loki I was delighted: Joanne M. Harris has captured the trickster in all his glory. Thus, there’s no surprise here I will read Runemarks too.

runemarks, the gospel of loki, loki, loki's army, depepi,

Although I doubt I will walk around with Runemarks to read it in coffee shops due to its size, I know I will end up reading the book in a cozy place at home. And, of course, I will accompany the deed with coffee. I don’t think Loki drinks coffee, but I’m sure he’d love me reading these books sipping coffee. For some reason, I picture trickery with coffee flavor.

The Gospel of Loki is a treasure that will make you take a look at Norse Mythology from another perspective. Even if you haven’t read anything about Norse Mythology, the book is a jewel. Loki narrates his adventures in a very delightful way. I’m sure Runemarks is going to be as funny and surprising as The Gospel of Loki was.

Someone else wants to join team Loki?

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