Funko Friday: Disney Funko Pops

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It’s Funko Friday! This time we’ll explore some Disney Funko Pops I have in my collection: Elsa, Anna, and two different Alice in Wonderland. Frozen is one of my favorite Disney movies. No wonder I ended up getting these two fantastic Pops. Although I must admit that Anna can be quite annoying at times.

As you can see, I have two different Alice in Wonderland: a traditional Disney one, and a new Alice through the Looking Glass.

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One of my all-time favorite tales is Alice in Wonderland. My grandmother was in charge of sparking my curiosity, in part because she is also called Alice. She used to give me as present a book each week under the condition I read it from cover to cover. Books for her had a broad definition: it could be paperbacks and even comics. Plus, I could choose the ones I loved the most.

I’ve been crazy about Alice in Wonderland since childhood. So, there’s no surprise in collecting figurines or different versions of the book.

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