Funko Friday: Women of Power Funko Pops (2)

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This Funko Friday keeps on my Female Pop series. This time, the featured women of power Pops are Agent Carter, Black Widow, Storm, and Batgirl. These Pops are very detailed and cute. I got Agent Carter time ago because I loved the show. Black Widow is a badass Superhero as well, and so is Storm. And Batgirl is one of the few versions of this character that I like.

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Storm is especial: she glows in the dark. Sometimes I forget she glows in the dark. So, imagine the happy surprises I get when I take a look at the glowing figure. I’m happy I got her in the glowing version. If you’re planning to get yours, consider getting the glowing in the dark version.

I usually display Agent Carter, Black Widow, and Storm together, along with most of my Marvel Pops. Batgirl is on my working desk at the moment. But I might move her next to my Rock Candy figurines in front of the DC comic books.

Do you own any badass female Pops? Which ones?

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