Fandom Friday: 5 Fandoms I love from a Books and Movies / Shows Combination

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This Fandom Friday is related to books and movies (or shows). These are five fandoms I love because I enjoyed the books and the movies, or the books and the shows. In some cases, I read the books first and then enjoyed the movies. In other cases, I saw the movies first and then enjoyed the books. Whatever the combination, these rock in any of their permutations.

1. LOTR and the Hobbit

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I read almost all Tolkien’s books before Lord of The Rings hit the big screen. I was a Tolkienite way before I loved all the movies. Now, LOTR and the Hobbit“> movies are a must-see set for Christmas. Plus, when I miss it too badly, I read the books again. (Please don’t ask me how many times I’ve read the books because I lost count!)

2. Sherlock

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I started reading Sherlock Holmes when I was a kid. I saw the movies and different shows. So, no wonder I got hooked with the later version of CumberSherlock. I have different editions of the books, and in different languages too. In short, I end up watching whatever incarnation of Sherlock appears around.

3. The Shannara Chronicles

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In the case of the Shannara Chronicles, I saw the show on Netflix first. Then I decided to read the books. (I’ve already told you about this mammoth quest.) For the time being, I love the show and the first book a lot. So, I guess I’m going to be a great fan.

4. Alice in Wonderland

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I read Alice in Wonderland before watching the Disney movie. I have tons of different editions and stuff about Alice. Every time I see something related to Alice, I end up wanting it, especially if it’s a new book edition. (I even have one in German!)

5. Harry Potter

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Who doesn’t love Harry Potter? I love the books, the movies, and the Pops! If you love magic and fantasy, this is a great place to start your journey. Besides, the whole family can enjoy Harry Potter!

What about you? Do you love any fandoms because of the books and the movies/shows?

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