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Geek Anthropology is for every fan interested in taking a look beyond what fandom offers. We can define anthropology as the study of human nature, human society, and the human past. Thus, we can define geek anthropology as the study of geek life, geek cultures, and the geek past. We can do it taking a look at what geeks do on a daily basis. Fandom is a good way to do so. But, we can also take a look at their creations. This includes comics, books, shows, and movies. In essence: pop culture.

Anthropologists tend to have a holistic view of the field, trying to fit together every single aspect of human life. Geek Anthropology would do the same but with all things geek.

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We could take Geek Anthropology as a subfield of anthropology. There are many academics that are studying geek cultures already, but I would like to offer a different point of view: that of the geek-academic. A geek-academic would be a geek who wants to explore geekdom using techniques from academia. It’s being a little bit of a rebel: you’re outside, and yet you talk about similar things. While it might be preposterous for some, for geeks like me, it turns to be an amazing quest.

As Bilbo Baggins knows, embarking on an incredible quest requires a strong will and many friends. Thus, I invite you to join my journey and discover comics, fantasy books, and any other geeky stuff that catches your eye through Geek Anthropology lens.

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You only need to be curious to go on an adventure. Let’s be participant-observants in geekdom and discover our own world while we try to explain it to others. I won’t lie to you: it’s a challenge. But, it’s a very rewarding one.

In this new section, I’ll try to share with you key elements of Geek Anthropology that we can use to explore the amazing worlds that exist in Geekdom. Join me in this quest; it’s going to be brilliant!

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