Funko Friday: Magical Female Funko Pops

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Rejoice! It’s Funko Friday! This week we’re talking about magical female Funko Pops, good and evil! In my collection, there are fantastic characters: Luna Lovegood, Hermione, Regina (aka the Evil Queen) and Maleficent. All these characters are special for different reasons. Luna has a strong personality and a great way of showing it up. Hermione can be super annoying, but she is incredibly resourceful (and a bookworm!) Regina can be sweet and devastating. And Maleficent is terrifying at times.

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According to Once Upon a Time, evil isn’t born but made. In the show, both Regina and Maleficent end up on the wrong road because all the injustices made to them. However, as it turns out, good and evil are more of choice. We can certainly be victims, but victims can be perpetrators too.

These Pops remind me that being good is a choice that we make. If we let others put us down, there wouldn’t be any Luna Lovegoods. If we stop at the first problem, there wouldn’t be any Hermiones. Even if we’ve made terrible errors in the past, there’s always time for redemption. Regina from OUAT is a great example. Plus, if we let our darkness prevail, we’ll end up transforming into giant dragons (monsters), as the traditional Maleficent.

These Pops are great reminders. Their stories are great ways to see how easy it is to choose the wrong path, and how fruitful can be choosing the right one. Even if it’s difficult, it always pays off.

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