Marvel’s Doctor Strange is Cunningly Cumberstrage

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Yesterday I saw Marvel’s Doctor Strange, and it was a blast! It’s a cunning and funny movie where Cumberstrange shows up all his glory! Any Marvel fan knows that we have to stay up until the end credits end. So, my advice to you, if you haven’t seen the movie yet, is to sit down till the last credit has rolled. Yes, there are two pleasant surprises! The movie is a trippy journey from science to magic. Embrace yourself to one of the most epic Marvel movies ever!

[Mild SPOILERS ahead! My review contains some mild spoilers. Some aren’t really spoilers since you can find them in the trailers. However, I highly advise you to stop reading now if you don’t want any spoilers at all.]

The movie starts with Doctor Strange’s origin story. If you have read the comics, you know that he was a pedantic, super successful doctor. After having a car accident, he is unable to use his hands, and thus he cannot work as a surgeon again. Unable to accept his new reality he embarks on a journey to make his hands capable of saving lives (and gaining reputation in the process.)

Doctor Strange is very much like Sherlock, with a bigger ego and a far more pedantic attitude. [SPOILER: stay alert at the name of the streets, you might find Baker Street!]

marvel, marvel mcu, doctor strange, cumberbatch, cumberstrange, depepi,

This movie is serious, funny, cunning and mystical. It makes you think in a way other Marvel movies haven’t. It shows different states of the consciousness, different realities, and it hides a big question: do you really belief this is all that’s around you? Doctor Strange is challenging because it puts on the table, in a playful way, mysticism, and magic.

As you know, in the Marvel universe there’s a bogus relationship with science and magic. Many times, both coexist together in one character. Like, for example, with Doctor Strange. He can heal your astral, for instance, but suddenly go with you to the Doctors to heal your body. So, what’s going on here?

marvel, marvel mcu, doctor strange, cumberbatch, cumberstrange, depepi,

Ideas of mysticism, paganism, and magical arts taint the whole movie. Also scientific ideas like the idea of the multiverse. Recent scientific discoveries are opening doors where before people thought there were only fantasy realms. This movie feeds itself with all these currents. And so, we follow Doctor Strange’s journey into discovering other possibilities, while we are confronted with the same problems.

He is a man of science: he heals people using his capabilities as a Doctor. Science gives him purpose, fame and a good status within society (even if he’s an asshole). However, as everything is taken from him due to an accident, he embarks on a path he wouldn’t have thought before: mysticism, the occult, and magic.

marvel, marvel mcu, doctor strange, cumberbatch, cumberstrange, depepi,

Science, like religion, give us the false idea of control. We think we’re in total control of our lives, and that we know almost everything there’s to know. If anything new appears, we accept it or dismiss it under scientific zeal. However, we freak out when confronted with the possibility of something else entirely: something without our material grasp. But possibilities are endless, especially in the realms of the spirit.

This is one of the best Marvel movies out there at the moment: cunning, entertaining, and alluring. Follow the journey of Doctor Strange, and ask yourself the same questions the Ancient one asks to him. Is reality as boring as the one we can see only with our eyes? Are our senses playing tricks on us? How blind are we?

Don’t miss this movie! It’s a jewel!

marvel, marvel mcu, doctor strange, cumberbatch, cumberstrange, depepi,

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