Fandom Friday: 5 favorite shows to binge 2016 edition

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Fandom Friday is back with a new banner and new look! Before starting with my list of five favorite shows to binge before the year ends, I’d like to explain how this Fandom Friday changes. Until now, I’ve been following the topics of Fandom Friday according to the group Female Geek Bloggers. However, not always the topics tune with me, nor there are topics out there. So, I decided to continue with topics that appear into my mind. I hope to keep it every week, or at least every two weeks. So, which are the shows that are suitable for bidging before the year ends?

1. Once Upon a Time

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With the sixth season going on, this is a perfect show to enjoy from now till the year ends. I know, five seasons and an ongoing sixth one can be challenging. But even if you need to keep on binging after 2017 begins, this show worths it! It has fairy tales, badass female characters, and a handsome pirate. What else do you need?

2. Supernatural

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If you were freaking out with OUAT, you’re going to kill me with Supernatural. 12 seasons is a lot. But, it’s perfect if you hate to binge shows with few episodes. So, if you love monsters, vampires, demons, and all things horror, then you’re going to love Supernatural. If you haven’t watched it yet, what are you waiting for!?

3. iZombie

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One full season and the second ongoing, this is a perfect choice if you want to binge in a quiet but chilly way. If you love everything zombie, but would like to watch a different side of it, this show is for you! I love that Liv, the main character, gets a different personality every time she has a brain meal. I love this show!

4. Continuum

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It has four seasons and a story that makes you think. This is science fiction mixed with crime. It’s witty and smart, but it makes you think a lot. I love the show (I haven’t finished it yet, but I’m close to knowing what will happen in the end).

5. All Star Treks!

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Okay, if you were complaining about how long would it take to binge Supernatural, start making calculations for everything Star Trek! You can find all the shows on Netflix! It’s a great opportunity to re-watch everything or discover a Star Trek show that you missed. I know, this is a mammoth undertaking that can take months. However, it’s a gratifying one. If you want something to last for a while, this is it!

What shows do you recommend to binge before the year ends? Let me know in comments 🙂

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