Comic Book Haul: New Hot Titles

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This is my comic book haul from Saturday with new hot titles to read! I got my hands on the first issue of Vikings, Champions, and Shade the Changing Girl. I wasn’t sure I would ever get my hands on Vikings since the comic book store guy told me that they rarely ask for “weird” titles from Titan Comics. However, he made it happen! I got my excellent issue, with the wrong cover. There are many to choose from. However, Rollo isn’t one of my favorite characters: Lagertha and Ragnar are. But, I’ll settle for this one since the guy got me the comic!

The artwork of Vikings #1 is stunning. Bloody but stunning. We get to know what’s going on behind the scenes. This is a cool option if you are a fan of Vikings. Expect blood everywhere and meaningless murders. But, it wouldn’t be a Vikings comic if it hadn’t tons of blood in it, would it?

Next: Champions. This is a new Marvel title creating a young group of Superheroes. We have Hulk, Ms. Marvel, Nova, Viv, and Miles Morales in the group at the moment. Fed up with the Avengers behavior, Ms. Marvel creates a new group more tuned with young people and what Superheroes should do, besides kicking the bad guys’ asses. It’s a good read! I enjoyed it a lot, and I want to keep reading it!

And something happened: I bought a DC comic. IT’s Shade the Changin Girl, from DC’s Young Animal series. I was curious about the cover, and I started reading it at the store. Then, I decided that I would give it a serious try and I bought it. It’s promising: it has aliens, high school teens who have done something appalling to someone, and body-snatchers! I won’t spoil this at the moment.

So this is my pull this week: bloody Vikings with astonishing artwork, sweet Champions from Marvel, and a high school alien story that promises madness and deep thinking. [I will be reviewing this with more calm later on.]

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