What I’m Watching: Netflix! Magic, Elves and Demons

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What I’m watching can be found on Netflix. Yes, most of the stuff that I watch can be found on Netflix. Believe it or not, I don’t have a TV. For the most part, I read, write or watch Netflix. So, no wonder all my choices can be found there. This past week has been challenging due to work and trying to relax. I’ve been quite nervous lately, and reading and watching shows that I love help. So, what has been on my screen menu lately?

1. The Shannara Chronicles.

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I recently bought the first book of the trilogy because I wanted to read an epic fantasy. Well, I found the show on Netflix, and I was shocked. So, before starting to watch it, I had to decide if I would start watching it before starting reading the book. And, yup, I was weak, and I started watching. If you love quests à la Hobbit, this might be for you. It’s an excellent choice for teens, especially if they don’t want to see gruesome deaths like in The Game of Thrones. Despite being “mild,” it still has some bloody scenes. Expect to see lots of beautiful elves, hideous demons, and talented humans. Oh, and there’s a badass Druid that needs to get laid. Seriously, he needs it soon because he lacks any sense of humor and he’s all about duty and the usual “your destiny crap.” If you loved Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit, this is a must watch. (Much sweeter, though.)

2. Luke Cage.

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If you loved Jessica Jones and Daredevil, you’re going to love this show. We’ve already seen Luke Cage in action in Jessica Jones, but now we have to enjoy his whole show. The cast is amazing; the music is catchy, and the show is proving to be amazing! It’s darker than any Marvel movies than you can find out there. But this is Marvel on Netflix, and the quality is superb. I’m going to enjoy this one slowly. (If I binge this, then I’ll feel bad because I’ll end up wanting more and then I’ll have to wait for yonks for the new season.) If you miss this one, you’re missing treasure!

3. Continuum.

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Yes, I’m following up with the show. This is getting weirder by the episode. [SPOILERS!!!] I arrived at a point where there are two Alecs and two Kieras! One Kiera is dead, and the two Alecs couldn’t be different from one another. It makes you think a lot: if you are to travel back in time, do you just disappear from your reality? If so, how does your timeline change? Do you create a loop between two timelines? I’m telling you: this show is amazing. But, be prepared to think a lot about many serious things.

4. Once Upon a Time.

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The 6th season arrived at Netflix UK! Yay! I’m binge-watching the whole show from season 1, but I’m also enjoying season 6 as it comes (all Wednesdays in the UK). As you know, I’m a Captain Swan shipper. Well, it looked like they were going to have tacos; however, something stopped them yet again. I wonder when the writers will make them finally make love. Seriously, this is painful. Snow and Charming had their moment. So, why can’t they!? This season is proving to be interesting with more new characters. Don’ miss it!

So, what have you been watching lately?

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