OUAT: Once Upon A Time…Lies

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Welcome to another installment of OUAT, or Once Upon a Time. This time, we’re exploring lies. From episode 6 (the Shepherd) to episode 17 (hat trick) of season 1 we’re discovering more characters in Storybrooke. But we’re also discovering that lies have devastating effects. [MILD SPOILERS AHEAD for those who haven’t seen Season 1 yet] Snow White and Prince Charming are having an affair without knowing who they are. Charming is David in Storybrooke, and he comes back from a sleeping curse. He turns out to be married. However, he falls in love with Mary Margaret, Snow White. They decide to meet despite David being married. However, things go astray because David can’t tell the truth.

David starts meeting Mary Margaret while still living with his wife. Although he promises Mary Margaret that he will tell his wife the truth and leave her, he doesn’t. If you think things can’t go worse, you’re mistaken. The wife of David goes missing, and Snow White faces a trial for her murder!

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Yes, in this show even good characters lie. And sometimes they do it in a dubious moral way. What happens when you fall in love with someone who is already married? What happens when couples keep up with a marriage that’s already broken? This show explores this and more through its characters, in particular through Charming and Snow. They’re the good heroes of the show, but they still do questionable things. Or at least, what society thinks as questionable.

While we explore what lies do to good people and what nasty consequences they can have, we also get to discover that evil isn’t born, but made. Both Regina, aka the Evil Queen, and Mr. Gold, aka Rumpelstiltskin, are evil because of a reason. They weren’t born being evil, but they became evil because of circumstances and because of their characters weaknesses. So, even evil can be good.

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While we get to know more human nature through our characters, we also have a chance to think about our actions. The nature of lies is a tricky one, they can help us in certain situations, but they can be a double edge sword too. Telling the truth in the wrong timing can also be devastating. Tricky, since we can make errors too quickly. But that’s what being human is, to try to make our best and be the best while making the less amount of errors possible.

We also get to know fascinating characters and say goodbye to many others. Regina is proving to be evil at heart. She is always a step ahead of Emma, tracing everything and determined to see Snow in jail. However, we all know that evil can’t win always. (Or, can it? To discover it, you’ll need to watch the show.)

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