Old Comics: Madness & Jewels. Vol.1

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Did you know that you can read some old comics online? Some are just madness while others are jewels. I decided to create some lists from time to time so you can join me and discover vintage comics. Vintage comics can be challenging: you end up wondering what the authors were thinking when depicting some stuff in the covers and panels. They are also an excellent way to see how comics and stereotypes have changed through the ages. I’ve chosen a list of misfits and jewels.

I admit it: some of the covers are bewildering if not disturbing. However, in this list, there are two jewels that you will enjoy a lot. Even if the whole collection isn’t available.

old comics, vintage comics, comics from the past, depepi, depepi.com

These first set of comics comes from Ziff-Davis Publications. And yes, some of the covers are super weird. We start with Alice New Adventures in Wonderland, from 1951. The series available online are from July/August to September/October 1951. And, yes, someone is spanking Alice!

Amazing Adventures has a fascinating cover. It was published in 1950 and run till fall 1952, with a total of 6 issues. Romance is all over the place, with all types of characters.

Cinderella Love was also published back in 1950, and it’s available online till fall 1952’s issues. Again, another romance comics. (Remember that during the Fifties there was a craze with new genres, like romance comics.)

I chose Fairy Tales to be on my list because the cover looks rather creepy. Available issues are from April/May 1951 to June/July of the same year.

old comics, vintage comics, comics from the past, depepi, depepi.com

The following group of comics comes from Ajax-Farrell and has Brenda Starr in it! Brenda Starr was a comic book hero that saw her adventures published during years! This is one of the best examples of women drawing and writing comics! You can find available online the series from 1947 to 1948. (Brenda Starr then continued to be published by Superior Publishers Limited from 1948, #3 onwards.)

Bruce Gentry was published in 1948. The cover looks rather interesting: a very suspicious woman taking a look at a butt. (Or at least that’s what I see).

Captain Flight was published from March 1944, available issues include until February/March 1947. Three issues were published by Four-Star Publications. And it has a total of 11 issues. It looks like a Patriot of the times.

And finally, a Superhero: the Flame! This is a series that started in December/January 1954-55 and we’ve got available issues online until June/July 1955. This was one of many that populated the stands during the Superhero craze.

old comics, vintage comics, comics from the past, depepi, depepi.com

The last collection of today comes from St.John Publications. I chose Abbott and Costello Comics to begin this batch because the cover is funny. It began in February 1948 and available online issues are until September 1956, with a total of 40 issues published.

Authentic Police Cases ran from February 1948 to March 1955. This series had 38 issues published, and it belongs to the crime genre.

Canteen Kate ran from June 1952 to November 1953. It only has three issues available online. It seems that it’s all about true love stories and super handsome dudes.

And finally, a super jewel: MOPSY! This series was drawn and written by Gladys Parker and modeled after the author herself! It was super popular until 1965!! The series started in February 1948. These are another example of women in comics doing a super good job. Don’t miss this one! (Plus, it’s super funny!)

Are you brave enough to try reading any of these? I would try Brenda Starr and Mopsy for sure!

Note: I based my list on the Digital Comic Museum and the information provided there. Visit it to read tons of vintage comics.

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