What I’m Watching: Magic and Documentaries

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What I’m watching at the moment can be found on Netflix (yes, talking about Netflix again!) I’ve been having fun with magic on Netflix, but I’ve also got into some fantastic documentaries on feminism and masculinity. I’ll start with the fun part, and then I’ll get serious.

1. Merlin

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Merlin is a jewel! I had no idea this show was so good! I discovered it by chance on Netflix, and I decided to give it a go. Now I understand why Merlin’s fandom is still so strong! (And also why you ship Merlin with Arthur!) If you haven’t seen this jewel yet, please do so. It’s amazing! The only problem: you’ll like to see it forever! Alas, there’s all there’s to be on Netflix. So, chill and enjoy the magic!

2. Miss Representation

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Miss Representation is a documentary that will make you feel all the chills. Why do girls always feel inadequate whatever they do? Media is misrepresenting women: hypersexualized, photoshopped with alien-like features, and forever shallow. Even politicians are downplayed or sexualized! This is not a light issue: this is a huge problem worldwide! Wherever you look, you see unrealistic body examples, and serious role models are but off the media.

What should we do to change it? We cannot change media nor Hollywood in two days. But we can create a great change in ourselves and our children. It is our job as adults to choose what type of society we want to create next.

3. She’s Beautiful when she’s angry

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I bet you aren’t surprised to know that I’m a feminist. I want equality between sexes since I think it’s what should be the norm and not the exception. She’s beautiful when she’s angry is a documentary about the feminists of the ’60s. If the movement of the suffragists gave women the vote, it has been the feminists who gave us rights that we take for granted.

As happens with all battles, some stuff has gone backward. And so, now we must fight again to ask for equality and rights that we thought won. For example the right to decide what you want to do with your body (pro-choice), or the real right to have equal pay.

The sad thing here is that we’re talking about something that happened in the 1960s, and we’re still at it. We see the hypersexualization of women in media, their objectification as sex toys and not as humans. Will this ever end? It will end only if we fight for it to end!

4. The mask you live in

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If you think that only women are victims of this patriarchal system we live in, you’re wrong. Men feel pain as well. It’s true that they’re the privileged lot of the coin, but they suffer too. But not in the way you might be expecting. Kids are taught, from a very early age, that they cannot share feelings, they must compete forever, and that they must show off their masculinity all the time. So, the question is: what is the ideal of masculinity we’re teaching to our kids? Obviously the wrong one. Not only it makes them isolated and solitary individuals, but it also teaches them to dehumanize women as well as themselves!

When we talk about feminism, we must also think about what’s going on with masculinity. If we’re to solve the problems inequality of both genders, we must also explore what our society is doing to men as well. Isn’t it time for us end suffering? We have the power to do so. So, it’s in our hands to teach our children healthy and different ways to enjoy this world.

Sorry, this was quite a serious post. Have you been watching any documentaries lately? What are your thoughts on our current state of notions on men and women?

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