August: Pride, Packing and Moving

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August is proving to be stressful with the Pride, endlessly packing to moving to a new house soon. The Pride was fun, but packing and moving aren’t that much. If I’m correct, this will be my 9th moving. The worse packing experiences of all have been international ones. Trying to move from one town to another can be challenging, but try to change countries without getting mad. It’s almost impossible. Because I knew I would be forever packaging during August, I decided to enjoy the Pride at a 100%.

Let’s be honest, even having a perfect day of fun won’t make you feel less stressed when putting in boxes all your belongings and letting people in the flat for the Landlord to rent the place again while you’re working at home. It’s madness. Working from home has its perks, but it also has its downfalls. Getting people in while you are plotting marketing campaigns to take the world isn’t fun. First, you get paranoid someone will see something. Second, you get paranoid because your working time is running off. Third, you get paranoid because you want to kick them out from home right away: “I need to work, folks!”

And so, under this pressure, I went to Brighton Pride 2016, and I became a lobster.

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How can you become a lobster in the UK if you were born in Mediterranean shores? No Spanish nor Italian should become a lobster in the UK! And yet, it happened. For the most part, Brighton has a sweet sun, tons of wind, and tons of rainy days. However, the Pride enjoyed one of those days when the Sun is but a magnifying glass. Even if I put protecting cream on, the results were visible in a peculiar red tone. Welcome to the lobster club! Wherever you looked at, people were showing up a funny red skin tone that would become super painful in hours.

I must admit that the Pride left me without words: it’s massive! No wonder people from all over the world end up here to celebrate three days of mayhem. I didn’t know the party could have such giant proportions (and I only saw a fraction of it!) We went with some friends to enjoy the Parade, but we also had tickets to enjoy the party on Saturday night. While the Parade was beautiful, the party proved to be surprising.

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I’ve never seen so many people and so many square meters for a party. A whole area of Brighton was dedicated to it, including a long part of the beach. What impacted me the most was the amount of people drinking from 11 am in the morning. Yes! You’ve read correctly: 11 am in the morning! I was ordering coffee and people around me would take a strange look at me. I’m sorry folks, but if I don’t drink any coffee, I cannot function as a human being.

We ended up enjoying the party at the Marlborough, a lesbian pub that has a theater and offers vintage music. We would be dancing at the rhythm of the 80s and 90s hits while drinking some beer. The Marlborough is a funny place to hang: the music rocks, they have a DJ every Friday night, and they always have someone playing on the billiard. Plus: the second floor holds a very active theater. Why did we choose it? For the quiet people and the music. Although I do like some modern dancing music, I must admit that I prefer older hits. I find them sweet and easy to follow. (Call me hipster now if you wish).

Another reason to hide there was its position: a little bit outside the main heat area where the rest of people were having fun. It was impossible to walk through! It was so packed that it was super stressful for me. I get nervous when the amount of people around me is becoming challenging and instead of having fun I get panic attacks. So, the Marlborough came as manna from heaven!

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And from the next day: the horrors of packing! Welcome back to reality! My Vulcan works all day long and arrives quite late at night. So the one doing most of the packing is me… Again! I feel like I’ve been packing for ages at the moment. When I stop working, I start packing, every single day! It’s a pain.

I don’t have so many things, but working and having visits at home now and then is challenging. I’m sure that if I had a whole day for it, I would be able to pack everything at light speed. Alas, I can only do it little by little, and so, it feels never ending!

So, if you’re planning to move, even if it’s some streets far away, and if you’re working from home, follow some advice to keep your sanity:

  • Keep some free time for you to do something that you enjoy. Otherwise, you’ll end up packing forever and wishing that the moving date would be… now! Seriously, if you want to keep madness away, take some free time and do something that you enjoy!
  • Try to pack meetings for people visiting the house to a particular day. Working from home can be challenging when you have people ringing the bell and entering into your home to take a look and see if they’ll be the next tenants. The only way not to die from extreme stress is to pack meetings on a particular day and hours. Otherwise, you’re bound to have hideous panic attacks.
  • Stay away from caffeine as much as you can (says someone whose blood is coffee…) This is serious. If your stress is peeking up, make sure to drink as less stressful drinks as possible. So, instead of plain coffee, choose decaff. I know, it’s not the same, but it does the trick.
  • Sleep as much as you can. You’ll feel tired all day long. It’s the stress kicking in. Be nice to yourself and sleep as much as you can to recover.

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