The story of a Geek Girl: Why Kid

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The story of a Geek Girl meets its second chapter: why kid. Why kids can be exhausting creatures for they never get tired of asking why things are the way they are. Rules without logic are but useless, and the authority of parents and grandparents is measured by their ability to convince the kids with their explanations. In short: they are a “pain in the ass!” I’m afraid to confess that I was a why kid. I needed logic and real proof that the world worked in the way my parents and grandparents said it work. I wouldn’t accept a “things are like this” answer at all. And so, as soon I was able to talk, I would just ask why endlessly.

My grandmother had patience as firm as a rock. Even now she tells me the same episode repeatedly because she was fed up of me trying to go to the kindergarten. Yes! You read it correctly: while the other kids would cry and make a fuss when their parents brought them to the kindergarten, I would make the same every single Sunday. The reason? I didn’t understand why there was no school at all on Sundays! What’s a free day in the life of an adorkable why kid? Does free day even exist for them? For me, it didn’t.

Kids would go to school from Monday to Saturday morning. I already had issues with Saturday since I was only entertained with cool stuff for half a day. But Sunday was chaos in my world: why can’t I go to the kindergarten today!? (Screams, cries, and tantrums would follow the question). So, my patient grandmother would wake up early, put clothes on me, take all the books and go with me till the Kindergarten door. She would say: See? It’s closed! It’s closed because it’s Sunday. Sunday is a free day.

My grandmother would repeat this, Sunday after Sunday, until I finally understood that teachers needed time off. But if you think things can’t get worse with a why kid, try to explain to them why you cannot decorate walls with your Picassos.

A white wall is a canvas. Or so I thought when I was a kid. And so, I decided to paint Picassos on them. My mother tried to tell me that you cannot do that there several times. It was useless. Rules without logic, or rules with just “people don’t do it” meant nothing to me. I needed a logical reason, or at least, an explanation that convinced me. So, what did my mother do? Knowing that grounding me would be useless, she decided to give me a wall. She ordered to paint a wall in black in the kitchen, behind the door. After it was finished, she brought colored chalks and gave them to me. White walls make the house beautiful, but you can decorate the ugly black wall with these colors. Yup, she gave me a wall!

I’m not sure how many hours of my young existence I spent decorating and writing on that black wall. But it seems that I had loads of fun!

For what my mother and grandmother have told me, I was an adorkable, stubborn and tricky kid who needed explanations for how the world worked. Soon, they discovered that giving me some treats worked more than setting rules for me. I wouldn’t move nor challenge authority as long as I had my space and enough explanations that satisfied my curiosity. Pretty soon, though, my parents found out that the explanations I craved for were more elaborate than the ones they would provide for such a kid. They found the solution in books.

My grandmother, a lady who needs a statue in her honor, found out a way not to get broke buying books. She would buy me one per week under the condition that I would finish it. So, if I read the book, and I could explain what it was all about, I would get one the next week. But wait, things get better! A book meant anything in book format, and that included comics! So I could choose a comic one week and a book the next.

I was adorkable, yes. But I was a tricky why kid too. I was lucky I was raised by a family who thought alternative ways to make me understand the world around me. However, this makes me think deeply about my future. If I ever have kids, will I have a why kid too? If so, will I have the same patience my grandmother and my mother showed me? I hope so. But let’s be honest: I was adorkable, yes, very much so. But I was such a pain too!

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