Comics THORsday: Vote Loki #2 + Gwenpool #2 (& Giveaway)

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Comics THORsday comes late with Vote Loki #2 and Gweenpool #2. Plus, at the end of this post, you’ll find a giveaway! You can win digital copies of both comics. But first, let’s start taking a look a Vote Loki #2. This comic parallels the US elections: Loki seems to perform in comics what Trump is doing in reality. Many people are just fed up with all the corruption and politicians ignoring them by giving them empty promises. Once in power, everything is forgotten. But, Loki, our Trump in the comics, is promising that all evil will go away. However, we do know Loki: he will be the God in everybody’s mind. And so, when dirty news appears about him, he admits that he did it. In this case, he admits that he has a cult that is adoring him. His excuse? He is a God, and there’s freedom of religion.

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Loki appears as a Hero, a Savior who has no fear of admitting the unthinkable: that he doesn’t care about you, that he has a cult, that he lies a lot… In short, he doesn’t hide at all. This is a clear cut from the rest of politicians who would admit nothing of the sort if they’re caught. In fact, they would probably lie.

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His marketing campaign is what people in distress want to hear, and so, little by little he is making sure that he will arrive in power. An intelligent use of the media, especially the TV, is giving him great exposure and a great way to get more and more votes. But there’s something disturbing that the comic is telling us, something that we many times do, something that it’s a terrible mistake. The comic confronts us with the perils of just reading the headings of news and paying not attention at all about the contents. (It’s not only you, but even the Mighty Thor also does it).

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What’s even more disturbing is the cover of the comic. Take a closer look. It does look familiar, doesn’t it?

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Captain America Comics #1 (March 1941). Cover art by Joe Simon (inks and pencils) and Jack Kirby (pencils).

If you take a closer look at both covers, you see that they’re similar: Captain America is punching the face of evil. However, the difference is huge: the cover of 1941 refers to a foreign evil, but the cover of Vote Loki refers to an evil that it’s inside the country. But, if you pay attention at the weapons, you’ll see that Loki’s followers in the cover, look a little bit like clowns. But if you look even closer, you’ll see that they’ve disguised the weapons under… a burger? They hold snakes and pigs… Comics couldn’t get more explicit than that!

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Gwenpool #2 is hilarious. Because of the events of the first issue, she sees herself working for Modok. But, she doesn’t want to. Modok killed her sidekick, and now she must work for Modok, or he’ll turn her into ashes. What’s worse: no one can know that she has no powers whatsoever, or she’ll be dead in no time. To make matters worse, Modok orders his team to kill a druid, because he is bored. And so, Gwenpool must help.

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And then comes the best part of the comic: Gwenpool meets Thor. The funniest part is that she says out loud her true name, and then she states that she has a sprain on her leg. Gwenpool is fast. However she is in big trouble: if Modok knows who she really is, she’ll have a problem. But if Thor gets angry with her, she’s going to be ashes anyway!

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One of the best parts of this comic is the freshness and quick thinking of Gwenpool. She is in deep trouble, and even if she has no superpowers at all, she can be successful. What seems to tell us is: maybe, being smart is a superpower after all. What will happen next?

And now, the giveaway! Follow the instructions in the widget below! You can be one of the winners of one of the digital copies of these comics. Good luck!

VOTE LOKI #2 & GWENPOOL #2 digital comics giveaway

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