Star Trek Beyond: a masterpiece!

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Star Trek Beyond is a masterpiece! I must admit that I had no hopes for this film, and all because fo the trailers (and the music)! If you’ve been following me for a while now, you know that I’m a Trekkie to the bone. My Star Trek adventure began when my Mom introduced me to Star Trek TNG. Since then, I’ve seen absolutely everything there’s to see (including the animated series). So, as you guess, I’m super picky about what’s new in the franchise. This movie was very emotional for me. First, we lost Spock (Leonard Nimoy), and then we got shocked by the death of the new Chekov (Anton Yelchin). I was expecting the usual line remembering both characters, but there’s a little more than that in the movie.

At this point, I must warn you of the SPOILERS that lie ahead. If you don’t to know anything, refrain from reading the full post and stop right here. I’m not refraining myself at all. So, be prepared for massive SPOILERS. But first things first: let me rant about the trailers!

Star Trek tends to be fun, dramatic at times, with some action, and you leave out the cinema thinking. However, according to the trailers, we’re set up for a lot of action, few moments of fun and no thinking at all. As a Trekkie, I will swallow whatever Star Trek comes my way, but that doesn’t mean I won’t tear it apart. Guys, the trailers suck! The movie is fantastic, but the trailers make you think you’re going to spend two hours of kicking ass with funky music on the rocks. So, let’s just ignore the hideous trailers and focus on the movie itself.

This is one of my favorite Star Trek films, along with The Voyage Home. If you don’t remember the movie, it’s all about our heroes going back in time to San Francisco to steal a whale to save Earth. It’s funny, witty and has lots of action. Not in the way movies are made nowadays, but it an elegant retro way. So far, The Voyage Home was my favorite Star Trek movie ever. But I must say that Star Trek Beyond is rivaling the post!

Movies that are compelling are those that leave something in your heart. This is the most emotional of all of the Star Trek films made so far. We are confronted, along with new Spock, with the death of Old Spock. This makes him reconsider his relationship with his mates and with Starfleet. But, he’s not the only one. Kirk questions himself about why he joined Starfleet in the first place: to make a point to his deceased father? This is the first time Kirk must realize what he wants to do next. To make things even worse: Spock and Uhura seem to have broken up. In short, you cannot get more depressed than this.

The funny thing is that it’s Kirk’s birthday, and he is mournful because it’s one year older than what his father would have lived. And like this, he decides to resign without telling anyone but Bones.

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They head to a station that looks like a dream world. (I’d love to live in a place just like that!) And the first thing we see is Sulu greeting his daughter and his husband. It’s cool that they maintained continuity here. In the original series, Sulu has a daughter. In fact, we all see her once onscreen. Despite Takei not being a fan of Sulu being gay, I must say that the way Sulu came out is just how things should be: a dude enjoying his family. So, kudos for the way it’s done. It’s how an advanced society would be.

And then, things happen: a strange ship arrives and asks for help because her ship is stranded on a planet. And so, the Enterprise is sent to the rescue. If things weren’t depressing enough, just when they’re about to arrive at the planet, they’re attacked, and the Enterprise is destroyed!

So, the big question now is: is a crew still a crew when they have no ship? Which brings more questions: what is the thing that glues them together? Just duty? The ship itself? The Captain? The belief that they’re a family?

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I won’t spoil the film any further, but suffice to say that their journey to discover themselves is done while a surprising villain has in mind for them. From all the cast, I must say that Bones (Karl Urban) nails it. If you’ve seen the Original series, you know what I’m talking about. Urban has impersonated DeForest Kelley’s Bones: tone, movement, grumpiness… Everything! He is just astonishing! The Bones-Spock relationship shines again through the screen finding two unexpected friends.

What makes a crew? What makes a hero? What makes a villain? Where does our duty rely on? Our mates? Our girlfriends? Our family? Can we survive routine when we choose a path that might not be for us?

This is the type of Star Trek films I was longing for! The ones that make you think, the ones that make you laugh, and the ones that make you cry. Mr. Spock is one of my favorite characters, and Nimoy, the guy who gave him life for the first time, is absent and present throughout the film in a very emotional way. Small, and yet, compelling tributes can be found in the film.

Should you watch this film? Yes! Should you bring some tissues? If you are a Spock fan, yes. If you also cry with the idea of knowing that Chekov won’t be there next time, please, make sure you have the tissues with you.

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The next film is going to be Suicide Squad. I’m not sure about it. The main reason is DC blowing up all hopes with their movies. At least, the Wonder Woman trailer looked promising.

If everything fails, I’ll still have my Doctor Strange this fall :p

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Ps: Did you go to the movie with two Pops? I’m afraid so!

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