I got Geeky MOO Cards and Stickers!

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Yay! I got geeky MOO cards and stickers with dePepi’s logo and the new icon I use on my social media. I usually order mini matte Moo cards, but this time, because of the colors, I went for shiny ones. They came super fast, and they’re super cute. As usual, the quality is superb. I also added some extra to the pot: MOO stickers. The booklet has 90 stickers. I should have enough to play decorating envelopes and cards when I send the prizes of my giveaways. However, I know that I’ll be playing with those and my new planner. So, I might run out quickly.

So, the big question is: why do I need mini cards if I’m not in Japan? Well, if you write a blog, these might come in handy when you’re networking or meeting new people. My blog address is easy, but I prefer to give something away that they might make people remember me. This might be one of those tiny customs I imported from Japan, but I feel it’s better to be in someone’s pocket. Even if they don’t check you out at that very moment, or even if they did follow your Twitter account, finding your card in their dirty jeans days later makes them remember you!

Cards might not seem as fashionable as before, but they are great marketing tools when they’re weird, have funky colors, or they’re cute. People tend to forget them in their bags, purses, and smelly jeans. No, that wasn’t a joke, that was a reality. So, when they search in the pockets for coins, or to make sure there aren’t any dirty tissues in before doing the laundry: they’ll find you.

Copy Alexander the Great: be in everybody’s pockets if you want to be remembered! He coined his face through posterity, so I’m printing my logo and info in the hopes someone will remember that wonderful chat we just had a month ago.

So, don’t discard cards as a way of networking. They’re still alive. Use them to be in everybody’s pockets!

If you want yours, just go to MOO and start the revolution!

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