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As promised, here you have all about Mr. Wonderful schedule books! For me, Mr. Wonderful creates the perfect schedule books for bloggers: lots of cute pages, tons of stickers, and practical stuff that you’ll find in them. Mr. Wonderful is a brand from Barcelona, Spain. After eight years in Japan, I thought I wouldn’t find cute schedule books anywhere else. I was wrong: I found them when I came back home! These schedule books are inspired by Japanese ones. Of that, I’m certain. However, when I started purchasing them three years ago, they were only available in one language: Spanish. This year, however, they added other languages to the lot. And so, I bought it in Italian.

I buy them online. Why? I had the opportunity to go to any shop and buy one, however, when you order them online you get extras: a cute bag where you can place it, or where you can put your favorite goodies. And a small thank you gift: a lollypop. So, if you buy one of these: do it online! The extra perks are worth it!

mr. wonderful, agenda mr.wonderful, schedule, schedule book, depepi,

The new schedule is blue and pink. Last year’s one was light blue and salmon. They are pretty similar, but the new schedule book has extras: recipes, games, encouraging phrases to make it through the week, and more note pages. It’s cute, and it helps me focus. It comes with 250 stickers. When I first bought one of these, I thought that these was a very low number for decorating stickers… Well, I still have stickers from the schedule of three years ago. And I haven’t finished the ones for this one yet.

There are four different formats to choose from: small weekly, big weekly, small daily, big daily. I like to use the big weekly, since I end up writing quite a lot, but not as much as to need a daily schedule. The main reason is that I use more than one schedule depending on my activities. This one is for my blog!

You can find this schedule book in English too. I’m a geek, so I wanted to have the Italian one because I already had the Spanish one twice.

If you like to have one, please go here. They also post super cute digital freebies on their blog that you can print out.

Note: This post contains NO affiliate links whatsoever. I have no idea if this company has any affiliate program. But if they do, I will join it for sure! I’m addicted to their schedule books and cute stuff!

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