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We’re going to discover They’re not like us, Black holes for the young. This Image Comics comic book caught my eye because of the artwork. It’s a little bit unusual, but it managed to get me interested. When I started reading it at the local comic book store, I had to buy it. It’s a masterpiece! A great insight into what might go on in today’s young people’s minds. But it does it with style. If you’re a fan of the X-men, you’re going to like this one. There are similarities between “They’re not like us” and the “X-men.” An older guy, who owns a mansion, makes it a refuge for young people who are different from the regular humans. Yes, these youngsters have abilities. But, unlike the X-men, they’re not mutants nor persecuted.

The main difference here is that the young characters of the comic are angry with the world. They do what they want, and use their powers as they wish, taking from society what they consider was denied to them.

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The key characters in this first volume are Syd (whose real name is Tabitha), and the Voice (the equivalent of Professor X). The Voice owns a mansion where he brings in young people with talents, such as telepathy. Tabitha attempts suicide, and the Voice helps her and brings her in the house. And, after showing to her that the others are just like her, he proceeds to make the introductions. All of them have code names, and no one uses their real name. If you think this is when things start to be creepy, it’s not. Just at the beginning of the comic, we see that in the attempt of the Voice to bring Syd home he harms people.

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Syd hears all the voices of the people around her. Like Professor X, she can get overwhelmed with all of them. Thinking that she must be crazy, and not being able to cope with it, she decides to end her life. When the Voice appears and rescues her, the real action and path of discovery starts for her.

The fact that they all use code names is a bad sign for Syd. In fact, when she tries to remember her real name, Tabitha, she cannot. The gang has worked together as to blocked that part. To make things worse, if she is to stay, she has to kill her parents!

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There are a few sets of rules to make the life in the house comfortable. However, there aren’t many rules as to what happens outside. If you want something someone has, you just bit the hell out of the person. If you find someone is doing something wrong to someone else, you go full vigilante. Because of their abilities, they can mask reality. What it’s happening around them, it’s not what the other people see.

While the Voice and her new “forced” mates teach her how to control her abilities, she is unsure of what’s going on around her is okay. In fact, she doesn’t want to kill her parents at all. That they don’t understand her isn’t reason enough to do so.

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Who made that rule? The Voice. Why? As we discover his story, we start to understand how damaged and angry he is. He had brothers, but his parents murdered them and tried to murder him as well. They faked their deaths, changed their identities, and made other atrocities. In short, no wonder the Voice is that broken. But, is that reason enough to have so little empathy for the others?

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This comic book is a great mirror to portray rebellious young people: angry with a world that doesn’t understand them. If you’re different, people get on your skin, and that anger can make of you a monster! Unlike the X-men, this version of outsiders with powers is spooky and delightful in same amounts. However, be advised: this comic can get you sucked quickly.

As someone who loves the X-men and who craved to go to the dentist to be able to read the comics, this is a darker, older and more realistic version of them. The artwork is beautiful, and the script is dynamic, and the characters are well developed. To miss this jewel is to miss a great punk rock ballad. Don’t miss They’re not like us, Black holes for the young!

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