Warlock Holmes: A Study in Brimstone, a Sherlock Holmes’ magic story

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Warlock Holmes: A Study in Brimstone is a witty novel based on Sherlock Holmes. When I got this book for free for review, I thought it would be just another book based on the genius Sherlock Holmes. I was wrong: this is a masterpiece of witts and fun! As you know, I’m super strict with all things Sherlock. So, I had no idea if this new version of Sherlock would pass my personal Sherlock standards test. It did! What happens when you mix magic and the most famous detective of all times? Warlock Holmes happens! While my beloved Sherlock was a genius, his counterpart in the novel is something else entirely. Warlock is messy, has the deductions skills of a marmot, and is crazy as a loon. In this novel, it’s Watson who has all the brains. Alas, he’s also scared shitless.

John Watson is penniless and needs a roommate. One of his friends convinces him to live with Warlock so that he can escape from him. While Holmes to proof as a very excentric individual, his friends to be even more so. Bestride is a nihilist vampire who is addicted to blood and will even lick it from the ground. Do you need to know the blood type of the victim? No problem! Let Lestrade lick it from the vicim, the walls… or whatever other place stained with it. If you thought that Lestrade was spooky, wait till you meet Grogsson, an almost brainless Ogre, who works with Lestrade. No wonder Watson is terrified!

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Victims fight over who ate a donut in the middle of a desert… Grogsson sees his magnificent delicate ballet collection in pieces, and Lestrade needs to be tied up not to drink up the murderer. These are just some of the funny situations that you’ll encounter in this book! But there’s much more!

This book is almost written from the point of view of Watson. The style is witty, the situations are funny, and the mysteries are hilarious. Even if there are some common traits with our beloved Sherlock Holmes, reality is that you are bound to laugh out loud with Warlock Holmes.

Magic and Science work together in this book because everything is so fantastic and surreal that it works perfectly. Be warned, however, you’ll get addicted to it. You have everything: suspense, idiots, shapeshifters, ogres, vampires and the ghost of Moriarty messing things up!

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From all the versions of Holmes I’ve encountered, this is the funniest by far. Plus, imagining Warlock Holmes as Cumberbatch was smooth. Cumberbatch is Doctor Strange in the Marvel Universe and Sherlock in the BBC. Hence, the leap I needed to imagine him as Warlock Holmes was easy. And so, I saw all Warlock’s and Watson’s adventures with the latest version of the couple onscreen. Call me naughty if you want. But I found it so funny!

This novel is quick, easy to read and highly enjoyable. Its charm will surely engulf you into the pages and the will of wanting more of it! Don’t despair, since there’s another novel on its way! My next meeting with Warlock will take place in the pages of Warlock Holmes: The Battle of Baskerville Hall in May 2017. I can’t wait for it!

Note: I got a free copy of the book for review. Sending me a copy of your books or comics does not guarantee a review on my blog. I only review and promote things that I like. This post also contains an affiliate link.

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