Story Cubes Prompts: The Fairest of them All! Regina and the Evil Queen!

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We return to have Story Cubes prompts on the blog! And we return with the fairest of them all! The Evil Queen is back, and so are the Story Cubes prompts. I chose the “enchanted” Story Cubes to start this section again, and I got: a mirror, a dwarf (or gnome), and a gremlin (it looks like a gremlin, but it could also be an evil creature). And the first thing that appeared into my mind was the Evil Queen! As you know, I’m a huge fan of Once Upon A Time, aka OUAT. One of my favorite characters is Regina, the Evil Queen. So, I was super happy to get this combo. I know, it’s not perfect, but it triggered Regina into my mind. As you might already know, Regina has split into two entities: Regina and the Evil Queen. Thus, returning with the Story Cubes looks like evil magic!

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Regina, the Evil Queen, is a fascinating character. She becomes a villain because of her mother and reaction towards Snow White. And then she walks the path to heroism. She goes from super Evil Queen, who cares close to nothing about the life of others to an Anti-Hero, who would do whatever to keep her son safe, to a hero, thinking other ways to do things (even if she doesn’t like it). She is a multilayered character with depth who tells us that anyone can change if they’re willing to do so, even if it’s challenging and painful.

One of the things that I love the most about her is her lines. She delivers funny but intelligent lines that make you laugh. She would call Captain Guyliner our beloved Captain Hook. Every time she does it, it cracks me. But it’s not only her lines that make her unique: her oh-so-human nature is the key to making her so likable.

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Now the question is: how is her nature going to change when her darkest part is out and about? In splitting Regina and the Evil Queen, her personality is divided as well. What makes us who we are is the combination of our light side and our dark side. If we were to split those, the result would be two different personalities. You would only be able to get the same person if both would be combined again. This makes me wonder what the writers have in storage for Regina. Parrilla, the actress who plays her, has an incredible challenge and a great opportunity to shine. But, it will all depend on how well (or bad) writers confront this question.

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Given the opportunity to split into two different beings, would you risk your personality, who you are, to get rid of the parts that you don’t like about yourself?

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